5.2: Vladislav’s Wedding


Guys, it’s nice you went for a morning swim, but how about getting dressed? There’s a wedding to be. Also Danny needs to work out a bit.



The wedding starts as every wedding does – in the kitchen.

Weddings are very chaotic affairs. Most of our extended family are invited. I still have some idea about who’s who, but I won’t bore you with that. I kept my involvement to a minimum and just let them do whatever. We got gold anyway. I didn’t even try.





I can’t believe India (the red-haired in the black dress) and Tamara (the dark-skinned on the left) are sisters. They’re so different. Also the two girls are Zacharij’s, Tamara’s brother, daughters and they’re too, very different. I guess, Billie’s and Nikolai’s genes don’t mix very well.




India is so beautiful.


The girl is Hillary Medeiros, Alaina’s daughter with what’s his name… Collin? She’s absolutely gorgeous, I’ve been watching her the entire time.


I kind of want to adopt her.


Isn’t she cute?


I kind of gave up trying to hook up Kira and Davis. They’re friends, but there’s just no spark.


Ah, the beautiful Sam Roe. Pity he’s too old. But he has a son, I think… I should look him up.



At home, we learn that Leticia has a job as a secret agent. She’s an outgoing, hot-headed Insider. Her aspiration is Soulmate. She has 3 points in Logic, among other things.

And she’s gonna move out with Vladislav to live in their own place. After they celebrate their marriage by doing things in the observatory, where Vladislav was headed just now.


I take it, that went well.


I made some purchases for the back porch the last time. We now have an ice cream machine among other things. Silvia has just discovered it.

Vladislav and Leticia now reside at the Springside lot. I got them a nice house from the gallery, though I don’t know why I even bother – I never visit other houses. Maybe I should. This house is really awesome.

Only six sims left at the Raventree Estate. That’s a new record. I have kept a very full house all this time, but it feels nice not to spread my attention so thin for a change.


For example, I can focus on Silvia spending time with her younger daughter Lena.



And there’s a bigger chance of getting almost everyone at one table. Danny is absent, he’s at work.

Anyway. How does one go about finding a partner if you don’t have any suitable childhood friends?

Let’s visit the library or something.


There’s one Shingo Kobayashi in attendance. He’s the librarian.


He sure likes her.


She allows him to call her.


Then they decide to hug. He’s a neat, goofy Bookworm. Could be worse.


Upstairs, Leticia and Vladislav are playing chess.


Downstairs, Judy (Ben’s wife) and Collin (Alaina’s husband) are hanging around. There’s the downside of having a town’s worth of family – you always keep running into them.

Since there’s nobody else at the library, we go to the café next door. But there’s nobody interesting, either. There’s always another library, though.

The Windenburg Librarian is a lady by name of Ayaka Suzuki. Isn’t that a motorcycle or something?


She’s a neat, insane Bookworm. Is it a job requirement to be a neat bookworm for being a librarian? Makes sense to me.

They talk for a while, then Ayaka goes off to put another book away.

Since it’s gotten late, we’ll go to the bar.


There’s one ordinary looking guy called Reese Meyers.


Then one Ashlie Skaggs comes in, feeling flirty. She at least looks interesting. She also has giant breasts.

Then it’s Guy’s night and it gets a little convoluted. A lot of people come in and I lose track.


There’s nobody either me or Kira find particularly interesting.

Let’s call it a night, then.


3 comments on “5.2: Vladislav’s Wedding

  1. cathytea says:

    That was such a fun wedding! I loved seeing all the family friends.


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