5.3: Search

I have some peace and quiet today. Instead of doing something useful I decided to do nothing useful and just play and write for a bit. I had a stressful week – I have a rather stressful life at the moment, not just one week – and it feels like I really need to do nothing for a while.

I will be going into Household Management for a while, and I will delete a few ghosts – there are a lot of ghosts in my world now, and honestly, I only care about family ghosts, I don’t care about ghosts of people I don’t know. So they will be culled.

And when I did that, Kira will continue to visit places and meet people, because it’s a fun activity, and I haven’t done that for ages, since we knew our next potential mate since they were children for generations.

I think I deleted well over twenty ghosts that were cluttering the friend lists of my sims. Spring cleaning is in action!

It’s digging day at the lab!


Time to get dirty.

Today’s receptionist is an exceptionally pink-haired Kengo Yoshida.



This is Akshara Ramesh and she’s extremely beautiful. I have to find out if she’s married.

I’m really having fun with the science career! It’s nice to concentrate on a single sim for a change. Maybe I should really start the Drifter challenge I’ve been planning…

Armed with Sleep Replacement Juice, Kira heads out to the small Windenburg bar after work.


This is Kengo Maeda. He’s certainly looking unusual, with his rose coloured beard and his turban. He’s an ambitious, food-loving Bookworm.


A couple of moments later, a very angry looking Davis appears. Kengo certainly wants to continue the conversation with Kira. He’s feeling flirty. Davis seems to be having none of it. Is he actually jealous? But there was nothing between them so far.

But maybe it’s just the bears making him angry. It’s Bear Night. Kira doesn’t mind the bears so far.

Davis heads off to get a drink and Kira sits down to chat with Kengo.


“I like painting”, she says.


“I always wanted to have a big family with lots of children”, Kengo says.

“I grew up in a big family!”, Kira answers, kind of missing the point. “We have a huge mansion and plenty of money.”


Kengo tries one more time to steer the conversation to different path, but Kira doesn’t seem to respond to his flirting. Kengo leaves, and shortly after, Davis leaves too, angered by all the bears. Kira is alone with the bears and gets tense after all.

I guess, a change in location is appropriate. We’re off to a different bar.

The other bar remains empty for the next two hours, though. Kira plays a few rounds of foosball, but we still haven’t found anything remotely close to what we’re looking for.

Thank god for Sleep Replacement, otherwise she would be dead on her feet at worktime.

Skip the usual stuff at home, it’s back to the lab. It’s obvious Kira’s the star of this chapter, we won’t be seeing much of the others, but I can assure you they’re all fine and doing their usual things. Leonid maxed his Piano skill and Silvia is working on painting.


At the end of the day, Kira recieves a promotion.

Reading the random marriage list – our Lucas Medeiros, Alaina’s son, married Ashlie Skaggs – that was the blue haired lady Kira met the other day. Way to go, boy!


Random dancing party. Madysin over there is heavily pregnant.

Another night, another outing! This time, we’ll visit the Vivance Bar – that’s the place Danny used to do his Spooky Parties at.

And it’s Alien night! That seems fitting, considering we’re back on the path of science now.


Well, hello there. I like him. He’s an Evil, Geeky Bookworm. An interesting combination. I never had an Evil sim before, except Ben Junior.


That’s Elissa. She’s an Alien. She was glowing green for a few moments there. And the Evil Gentleman’s name is Terence. He reminds me of a russian folklore hero, some Daniil or Ivan.


There, I told you so.


She sure is pretty.


Oh, would you look at that? Mr Russian Folklore is an Alien himself! I think I’m in love. Jesus, hold the wheel.


Look at his adorable glowing face.


He’s feeling very flirty. Kira is very confident because she saw right through his disguise.


“I’m really glad I met you”, Terence says.


“I could show you our rocket”, Kira answers boldly. “If you know what I mean.”


He sure knows. But alas, it’s already almost morning, and he’s very tired, and he has to go. So does Kira, though she’s still ignoring it. She really has to take a shower before work.

We will try to meet Russian Folklore Hero Alien again. How do you feel about alien babies?



One comment on “5.3: Search

  1. cathytea says:

    Oh, I like this alien with the cute, fancy costume!


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