5.4: Lena’s Teen Birthday

We left off when Kira met the Russian Folklore Alien Guy.


At work, she also finally spoke to beautiful Akshara. Akshara has the Evil trait, too. She’s also a goofy Bookworm.

Contrary to what you might think, I have not forgotten the others. I have sent Kira off to work alone to focus on the rest household a bit. There are broken toilets to repair, gardening to be done and things to be put in order.

We have a new maid. His name is Advaith Chandran.


I suppose the old one died of old age. We never had a male maid before.

It’s Lena’s birthday! We will have a party. I would start to prepare it but Danny and Silvia decided to take off in the rocket. Together. On their own. I’m glad their romance is still going strong, though.

There are downsides to only having a handful of Sims. I miss having someone like Abbie to stay at home and do these things like baking cake or fixing plumbing. Maybe we need to adopt someone.

Anyway, time for Lena to grow up.



Lena: “I need a mirror. How do I look?”


The blue-haired guy from the library is invited, too.


The girl in the orange shirt is Hillary Medeiros, Alaina’s daughter. You can see the resemblance.


The party left a terrible mess, as usual. I think the next time we’ll have the party at somebody else’s house.

Then a thing happened. I didn’t take screenshots, you have to take my word for it. Anvi was sitting in the new sauna. I bought one for upstairs.


Here’s the sauna, as proof. Anyway. Anvi was dirty, hungry and tired. And apparently she peed in her pants. Or in the sauna. Leonid – we remember – her husband – joined her, feeling flirty. Then he, apparently, peed in the sauna, too. Then they were at it, in the sauna, both dirty and embarassed, but the WooHoo was great according to their moodlets. Then they went off to find separate showers.

I don’t understand these two right now.


By the way, Lena’s second trait is Neat and her Aspiration is Leader of the Pack. She’s cute, I like her. She’ll be staying in the household and she will have kids. If she wants to.


The only thing I changed were her eyebrows and the clothes, obviously. Also gave her some lip gloss. She’s very cute.

She has completed 2 childhood aspirations: the physical one and the creative one. She almost finished the social one but ran out of time.

Anyway. I have to go to bed now, so it’s a short one today!


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