5.5: Town Clean-up

It’s nice to get new ideas out in the open, but I’m still tied to the legacy in ways I don’t fully understand. When I loaded up the Bone Spirit save yesterday, I felt guilty for neglecting my legacy.

I think I have to finish it first before really concentrating on other projects. So here we go again.

Lena grew up to be very cute and I want to concentrate a bit on her, but I also need to find a mate for Kira, so the legacy thing will go on.

I guess it’s time for my Household Management rounds, because I’m kind of disappointed with the young men I saw in the world so far.

Let’s check on our extended family first.


That’s Hillary Medeiros, Alaina’s daughter with Collin. You can see the family resemblance, even if she got a slight case of receding chin. By the way, Alaina really rounded up with age.


She’s still beautiful, though. I like our female genetics.


That’s her husband Collin, to help your memory.

One house over, where Nikolai used to live, Zacharij lives with his wife Mia and their daughters  Kaelyn and Nichole. They’re as different as night and day. And they’re twins, technically.


Here’s Kaelyn. She’s a young adult now too.


Nichole is more after her mother.

Vladislav and Leticia have a baby and Ben and Judy have a boy named Francisco. I’ll check up on him when he ages up to teenager.

Zacharij’s sister Tamara, over at San Muyshino, who married the mailman Genji, has a son named Jarred.


He’s still a teenager.


That’s Lucas Medeiros, Alaina’s son from her marriage with Seema. Which makes him Anvi’s half-brother of sorts.


He married Ashlie I forgot what her last name originally was. They’re living in San Muyshino with a roommate, Jeanette Stephens.


I gave Ashlie different hair. She looks better now.


Nikolai’s younger daughter India and her husband Brendan, still living in San Muyshino, have a teenage daughter Celia. She really kept Sveta’s genes!

Right, now that we’re done with family, we can continue with our genetic experiments. Meet Ian Travis. Technically, he’s the son of Jasmine Holiday – there are 3 or 4 clones of her in my world by different names, I think MC commander does that somehow, or it’s just a glitch. That particular clone is called Tiara Travis and is married to a pretty lady. They are living with a gay married couple. Ian is Tiara’s and one of the gay men son. Yes, that’s weird, but he’s looking good.


I’m keeping him. He’s going into the “potential mate for Kira”-pile.


Here’s another guy, Tommy Mooney, brother of a random bartender Melinda.

Anyway. I did a whole lot of moving, transferring, and randomizing. It’s too tedious to include all the results here.


Except for this handsome guy. Remember the extremely handsome Sam Roe, who was my first maid’s son? That’s his magically appeared younger brother William. Maybe Kira and Will get along and I get a chance to see how their genetics work out together. He sure is the most beautiful man in the world at this point.

At this point I have zero homeless sims left, I put them all somewhere. Now the game can generate more single random people.

I also placed a couple of nice-looking people from the gallery, both male and female. But William Roe is the most beautiful of them all.

This whole endeavor took me about 3 hours. Welp. But I have a day off today, so it’s fine. I also keep working on my new beading project while playing.

Skip another 3 hours while I was taking a walk.


I think it’s her first real autonomous action – Lena decided to hack the school grades. I’m not sure what to think about it but we could have a criminal or a secret agent here. I don’t mind.

She didn’t succeed at hacking at is now at C instead of B.


Monday’s gonna suck.


Gotta love their expression at video gaming. Though I don’t know why they still don’t sit down even if it’s supposed to be fixed.


Lena came to eat cake in her mother’s room and maybe get some pity, but Silvia is in the middle of writing a story and talking to herself.


We’re in our nightclub, and instead of dancing, Lena went to the basement to watch TV, still feeling bad about her grades. Kira joined her, changed the channel and is obviously enjoying the show.


Obviously that was the moment where Kira realized that the guy talking to them is a vampire.


She left to dance in complete solitude upstairs.

This is a weird party. Let’s change location.


We’re at a different nightclub, but absolutely nothing goes there, probably because it’s already 5 in the morning. Kira is angry at Lena of some reason. The pink-haired girl is a teenager, let’s pretend she’s going to school.

Nah, let’s go somewhere else, to the park or something. It’s almost morning anyway.


Ah, the colors. Spending so much time in the Oasis Spring, I forget how GREEN everything is.


Lena is entertaining some people.


Leonid is playing guitar in the public restroom.


Silvia is watching her husband speak for his political cause. Only the gardener is listening. Both Silvia and Danny need to go easy on the cake, I think… they have both filled out.


Later, Leonid and Anvi enjoy some baked potatoes.

Everything is so utterly BORING. Everyone is so happy. There’s no drama, no excitement, no anything remotely interesting.

We really need to find a partner for Kira to bring some fresh blood into the household.

Let’s visit San Myshino. I haven’t been there for a while. Danny and Silvia and Leonid have to work anyway.


Oh, look who’s here. That’s not our beautiful Will Roe, but it’s one of the guys I got from the gallery. His name is Clayton.


Kira talks to him for a while, but I don’t know. I don’t see any spark. It was difficult with Sergej, too. Kira reminds me of him in more than one way.

The Romance Festival is on! Let’s go there.


Lena asks the romance guru about her future love life. He tells her something about a tall dark stranger.


Meanwhile Kira goes straight to the bar.


There’s Ian Travis! He looks better ingame than in CAS. By the way, the pink bearded guy doesn’t look half bad under his beard. I checked.

Basically, anybody is a suitable mate for Kira, but Kira’s amount of interest in them is best looked at under the microscope.


I mean, she’ll talk to them. About shows and music and science, but that’s it. Maybe she’s just aromantic. Which is kind of bad for a legacy heir. But we always have Lena to fall back to. She’s not the Firstborn, true… but if Kira doesn’t find a mate until she’s adult, I will leave her to die an old virgin if she pleases.


That’s Masato Roe. Sam Roe’s husband and a possible way to meet William Roe.


Kira’s complaining to Kacie Kendall, one of the Immortals.


I’m sure she’s complaining about bills. (yes, we had bills over 40k last time so she’s right to complain.) Kacie looks appropriately terrified.


Ian is a loner. On one hand, he would probably be a good partner for her, since I see her being interested more in her work than in a partner. But she has the soulmate aspiration and it would be hard for a loner sim to participate in that, I guess.

We stay until the festival closes up, then head home, unaccomplished.


One comment on “5.5: Town Clean-up

  1. cathytea says:

    Sometimes it can take so long to find a match ! That’s really funny about hacking grades as the first autonomous activity !


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