5.6: Search, Continued

It’s not like there are no suitable candidates for being Kira’s mate. It’s just… she just doesn’t connect to them. But I mentioned this earlier.

I want to visit William Roe in his home, because I have a fierce hope that Kira will connect to him. I really want to have him in my legacy.


Kira doesn’t even bother to change out of her evening gown to do science. Sergej never used the microscope autonomously, Kira does all the time.

It’s a Sunday, and the family spends time with various household activities like tending the garden, cleaning and fixing broken things.

Then the Flea Market is announced. I think we’ll go. Cleaning can wait. Danny has to work, though.


At the adjacent karaoke bar, we meet two most beautiful men in the world. The blonde one is from the gallery. He’s not half bad.


And sitting at the bar is our William Roe. Go for them, Kira!


I send her to introduce herself to William.

Let’s see how that works out.


He’s so cute. He’s an ambitious foodie and family-oriented.


But when I turn my attention to Lena selling flowers at the flea market and go back just two minutes later, Kira’s not talking to any of the guys, she’s alone in a karaoke room practicing her singing.

She’s still not cooperating.

Game’s not cooperating either. Anvi and Leonid  got stuck in T-pose and don’t even react to Reset Object command.


They still follow other Sims with their eyes. It’s kind of creepy.


Down at the market I notice Alaina heavily pregnant. And she’s turning Elder soon. Oh well. Her daughter Hillary will surely take care of her sibling if Alaina dies before the new kid grows up.


There’s our alien Terence, and Kira says hi to him, but nothing else happens, and the Market Day is over, and so is my play session for the day.


I didn’t want to post the chapter the other day because it was too short.

Not a lot is happening. Silvia and Danny are at the end of their adult life and will recieve a Youth Potion soon. They’re not ready to be Elders yet.



Lena chose Abbie’s room for herself, mainly because I’m too lazy to furnish the spare room.


Just Anvi, watching the girls.


That’s the first time somebody used this, I think.


Upon starting the game, Lena is at the computer again, hacking into her school grades. Seriously. I think she’s the first one to try that more than once. She’s going to be a secret agent. Or a criminal. I’ll decide that later.


You may not understand the significance of this screenshot right away, but I’ll explain. My personal favourite, the beautiful William Roe, is working at the lab too. Kira just has to get together with William. At this point, I don’t care about her personal preference anymore. It is decided.

She was assigned the task to lead a deep conversation with him. What better than to improve work performance AND talk to your future husband?



Apparently Will is really excited about crabs.


He’s just too cute. I mean, look at him.


I invited him home after work, but getting Kira to talk to him for any meaningful time is like herding a bunch of cats. She always cancels the interaction to use the observatory or the microscope. She’s definitely the science geek Sergej never was.


They happen to wear matching shoes. It HAS to mean something.


When I don’t look for a second, Kira’s wandered off to play Chess and William is asleep in her bed. I give up.


Sveta’s ghost is watching Kira fall on her face.


Leonid is playing Sims.


Anvi is livestreaming blicbloc in her underwear.

All in all, just an usual night at the Raventree Estate. After a while, Will wakes up and goes to seek out Kira.


“The bed is just amazing, I slept like a baby.” He seems unperturbed by Sveta’s ghostly presence.


And apparently, the sight of Kira working out puts him in a flirty mood.


I help them along by clicking the first romantic interaction that came up. Kira blows Will a kiss, not even missing a step.

The interaction turns into a suggestive conversation. Will asks if she will go have a coffee with him, and if she has a free drawer maybe, to put some spare clothes in for the next sleepover.

And then Kira has to get ready for work.

Well, it’s progress.


One comment on “5.6: Search, Continued

  1. cathytea says:

    Well , at least she’s not saying no to him (and you ! )


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