5.7: Playing God

With this legacy, which was mostly inspired by CathyTea’s Goofy Love, it was one of my goals to let my Sims do whatever they want to and pay more attention to their inherent traits and personality, and I learned a great deal by doing so. Sometimes, of course, I completely disregard their autonomy.

Because, after all, I’m not only the Watcher. Sometimes I’m the Maker too, and I make them do things they just won’t do on their own. Sometimes I enjoy being their God, sometimes it feels like cheating. But after all, it’s a game I am playing, and sometimes I just need to take the matters into my own hands.

It’s this way with Kira’s partner choice. I left her all the freedom and all the time, but she needs to produce a heir because the legacy needs to move on. I’m enjoying playing this family, but it needs to end someday.


I love it when Sergej’s ghost comes to visit. He usually cleans out the fridge and eats something. Sometimes he plays on the computer.


Other ghosts do appear from time to time. That’s Leonid hugging Marina’s ghost. This way, our ancestors aren’t really gone, they’re still with us.


I’m not entirely sure what prompted Kira to paint a vaguely heart shaped blob before going to work, but it is probably a good sign.


Kira managed to set a chair she was supposed to transform on fire.


But it’s not a big deal. It’s just science! Right?


Leonid got promoted and reached the max level of the Entertainer career.

Silvia maxed writing skill and needs to write 2 more books to finish the writing aspiration.


Kira and Leonid enjoy playing chess in their work clothes, it seems.

And Lena’s having her YA birthday! We’ll celebrate it in the morning.


Our ladies have rounded up a bit, but they still are very beautiful.


Kira is very good friends with Sveta’s ghost. I wonder how she found the time… Anyway.


Every party should start with dancing.


And cake, of course.

Lena’s third trait is Goofball which fits her a lot.


This is Celia and she’s very beautiful.


She’s like a princess. Celia is from Sveta’s line. She’s Nikolai’s granddaughter, India’s daughter.


The new bar outside is going great.


Silvia is catching up with Bennett.

The party is only a silver medal. The game has been lagging a bit. Oh well.

Now we have 2 girls in need of a partner, but I don’t think that Lena is going to have any problem with that. The important question right now is: Secret Agent or Criminal?


I asked my partner and he said Secret Agent, so Secret Agent it is.

And now that this is out of the way, we need to schedule a date between Kira and William.

To aid the endeavor further, we will visit the Stargazer Lounge because of the Romantic Aura trait.


Let’s start with a close-up of William’s face. I totally have a crush on him.


Kira: It’s so great we can be friends and not just coworkers.

That’s not exactly what I had in mind, but we just arrived, it could get better.


Art is an important topic, of course.


Aaaand we’re getting there. And then he has to go pee.


Kira has a drink at the bar while waiting for him to come back. When it takes an unusually long time, I go check.


He’s in there with Alaina Medeiros, having a great time. Let’s pretend he was just getting advice on how to approach Kira, with Alaina being her neighbour and relative.


It’s hard not to run into family members when your family is spread over the entire town.


Then it’s her time to go to the bathroom and he sits and waits for her looking cute.


He’s totally into her. Don’t tell me otherwise. She might be just interested in science, but he really likes her.


For once, she doesn’t run off to do science. Probably because there is no science equipment around.


This is just too cute. I don’t care what Kira thinks, I’m in love with William and I’m too excited about seeing his kids grow up at our house.

Finally, Kira is feeling flirty and even has the wish to WooHoo with someone. I think we’ll take Will home with us.

Cue dramatic music and lightning. And now… kiss.


Mission accomplished. Kira officially has a partner. The legacy is saved.



Just after they’re finished in the bedroom and Kira leaves for the shower, Silvia walks into the room and starts interrogating Will, while eating a hamburger.

I love this family.


After the moving in is completed, the game loads with them standing on the sidewalk looking very… accomplished. Also she’s eating a hamburger.

William is an ambitious, family-oriented Foodie, and he has the Angling Ace aspiration. We didn’t have a fisher in the family yet.


But we do have a fishing pond in the backyard that nobody except Jill ever used. Have at it.


Later, everybody is in Abbie’s room. It’s vacant for now. Lena has moved to Aleksej’s and Alyson’s green room, because it has an office and Lena has to do lots of intelligence research and it kind of fits.


Even more later, we have a yard sale. Didn’t have one in a while.


Silvia has to study art in an art gallery for her work assignment. I haven’t concentrated on her for a while, so I let her visit an art center.

After completing the task, she relieves the art center of one of the paintings and heads home.


One comment on “5.7: Playing God

  1. cathytea says:

    Kira seems happy with your choice ! He’s super cute .


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