5.8: Belated Marriage

I’ve been very excited to continue playing because we have a new Sim in our household: William Roe.

We need to have a wedding and then they need to have kids. You might think, after 5 repeats of the same story it might get boring, but no, I’m excited every time.

First, Anvi and Leonid will get a birthday party, they’re getting old.


The family is coming together for an early breakfast. I love when their schedules allow time together.

I think we all need a little change of tapestry, so we’ll celebrate the birthday at the big park on Windenburg Island.

In retrospect, it was not a very good idea – it’s the 64×64 lot and the park is very large, and though it’s pretty, Sims simply got lost in it.



But there was cake, and talking to each other, and that’s the whole point of those family reunions/birthday parties.

Next time I will choose a smaller lot with maybe less lag.

Speaking of lag, it’s rather heavy at the moment, I have no idea why. I already went and deleted most of the ghosts I don’t care for.

Speaking of ghosts.

Lena is in the kitchen with Leonid, eating hamburgers. Sveta’s ghost is sitting across them. One second they’re just talking. The next second I’m looking, there are rose petals floating around Lena, and Lena and Sveta have a romance bar, and it’s an awkward conversation, and Leonid is fixing the dishwasher and Sveta is tense.



This is not MCCC screwing up, it just happened before my eyes. Lena is feeling flirty. I don’t know how to feel about this.


What I do know how to feel about is this. It makes me happy. They seem happy with each other even though I forced them into this relationship.


They are actually flirting autonomously. Aleksej and Alyson rarely did that, for example. I think I made a good choice here.


I couldn’t help it anyway. It’s been ages since I had such a crush on a sim. Well, I did have a bit of a crush on Silvia. But Will just makes me all fuzzy inside.


That’s Evelyn Vernon, Lena’s coworker. She’s cute and makes very expressive faces. She’s a slob, though. But I wouldn’t mind.



She’s also a geek. She would fit right in, if she and Lena get along well. But I’m not yet sure what Lena wants.

She has time to decide about that, though. Even more time than Kira had, because she’s in no pressure to find a mate as soon as possible.

Kira is finally pregnant, by the way.

And MCCC married my princess Celia with Terence Grossman, the Russian Folklore Alien guy. Fine with me. And Kaelyn married some Emmanuel Pope guy, I have to check on them soon.


Silvia and Danny have been renewing their romance in the sauna.


Apparently it’s going around, and Kira’s pregnancy isn’t standing in the way of her obvious affection for William.

And then I suddenly found out that Danny and Silvia are, apparently, not married. I don’t even remember why – I guess I kept postponing the wedding because of birthdays and whatever.

It doesn’t really matter because they have been living together for a very long time and are still in love with each other, but let’s just remedy this.





Now, if every wedding was so simple.


The rest of the family is coming together for an early breakfast. Danny and Silvia, having been up all night, have retired to bed.


Later in the day, Vladislav comes over to play in the fountain with his dad.


In the evening, Silvia comes to watch William fishing.

Live is still quiet and somewhat boring, but there will be a baby soon, which means enough excitement for everyone.


Also I don’t trust Lena and Sveta and I watch them closely whenever Sveta is out. I’m not sure I like the idea of them flirting with each other.

Kira is heavily pregnant and will be staying at home for the next few days.

Otherwise, life is progressing as usual. We’re having yard sales – that’s mostly Danny’s thing. I really wish I had his work schedule – he works only 2 days a week so he has lots of time for other things, like yard sales.

Anvi maxed Video Gaming, Leonid almost maxed Logic, Silvia maxed Writing and Painting and is working on finishing the writing aspiration.

Seeing as everybody is doing fine, I want to concentrate on Lena a bit, hit some night clubs and see if she meets somebody she likes.


Lena’s in a karaoke bar and I met Emanuel Pope who married my beautiful Celia! He’s not half bad. It’s the guy in the middle in the grey shirt and red pants.


Lena is apparently singing a song about horses and it made me realize that I never really played with Horses in TS3 yet. I really want to. Maybe I will have time this week, seeing as I’m on vacation.


Lena is talking to Kacie and Anika, two of the Immortals. Maybe they belong to the Good Folk or are some Otherworld creatures. They’re not Vampires for sure! This is picture 2000, by the way.


That’s Finley Dunlap. I think I got him from the gallery when hunting for Kira’s mate. He’s got a certain irish look. Probably intentional.


He certainly is cute. But after further conversation, we find out that he’s indeed married to someone named Simone.


Outside, there’s a blue haired guy in a open coat and different coloured shoes playing violin.


He has a handsome face underneath that blue fuzz, I can see that.

Lena is feeling flirty and certainly up to interrogate him. His name is Veer Kumar and he’s a police detective. Sadly, he’s noncommital, but it may not be a problem after all.


At least he doesn’t reject her flirting.


And he laughs at her dirty joke before going back to playing the violin.



2 comments on “5.8: Belated Marriage

  1. cathytea says:

    That was a funny chapter with so many interesting things happening !

    With Sveta , I’m guessing it was the Enchanted Introduction that caused the mischief . .. Sims with high charisma do that a lot , and then seem to feel awkward that they’re suddenly in a romantic relationship with the person ! “Oops ! Just trying to be charming ! “


    • Yeah, and Sveta did have the Soulmate Aspiration, so she’s Alluring, and I guess her enchanting introduction would sweep anyone off their feet… even if she’s technically ancient. But being a ghost, her age doesn’t show much.

      Liked by 1 person

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