5.9: Six for Gold

My company called me yesterday and told me that I can stay at home. So I’m officially on vacation now, that means I have some time to play games and do beadwork and go for walks and generally enjoy life, though I do have some issues to deal with and some things I have to do that I don’t enjoy. But that’s adult life for you.


Anyway! The baby is coming!


William is having a bout of panic.


First thing he does when they arrive at the hospital is find an unoccupied computer and play BlicBloc.


It’s a boy, and his name is Andrej.


I used this opportunity to finally redecorate what had been Lara’s room. I relocated all the art supplies to a room upstairs that hasn’t been used until now.


It has quite a bit of CC but I like the color scheme going on.


Kira is dancing in the living room, feeling very playful. I understand the feeling – I, too, felt very light after delivering my daughter, I had the feeling I could just float away. I guess she’s just celebrating this feeling.


And afterwards, both celebrate their sons arrival in a different way.


And though wedding parties are fun, they’re also a lot of work and lag and I don’t feel like doing one right now. And so Kira and William exchange their vows privately, while the baby is asleep.

They really make a good couple, these two. I’m happy for them. I’m happy I made that choice for her.


Kira’s latest work reflects her ties with aliens and science.

Since everybody’s doing fine, we invite the blue ¬†haired violin player from yesterday on a date.


He’s wearing the same outfit.


It’s ladies night and Veer is apparently the only guy in the bar.


But things are actually going good.



Isn’t he just adorable?


I can’t get over how cute Kira and Will are together.


Random domestic scene.


The baby is still being a baby.


And we have an unexpected visitor!


Things escalated very quickly. I don’t think you can leave this house again, Veer. We don’t care that you’re noncommital. You haven’t rejected Lena’s flirts even once. You’re obviously into her. So you’re staying. Forever.

I’m sorry that sounded like a threat. Well actually I’m not sorry. Anyway.


I did not make them do it. I looked away to check on Danny. And there they are, going to explore space together. Way to go, girl.

Her being a secret agent and him being a police detective kind of makes it a workplace romance.


His hair fits the colors of Kira’s bedroom.


He’s made himself right at home.


I don’t need to tell you what this means, right? Moving on.


Veer is a Glutton, and Non-Commital, and a Snob. His aspiration is Joke Star (we didn’t have that one yet… that’s a new one for me) and he has the Spice Hound trait.

He’s level 5 in Violin and level 4 in cooking. Level 1 in Comedy, though.

He’ll fit right in. Also I’m kind of curious about his Police Detective career.


Veer after a tiny makeover. He can keep his blue hair, but I felt the need to change the beard color.


Meet our generation six heir, Andrej Voronov. The vampiric toddler eyes problem seem to have resolved itself.

But… we will have SO MUCH LAG. Already do. Both Kira and Andrej are stuck in T-Pose and I have to restart the game.


The first thing Lena did is grab Andrej and start teach him to use the chamber pot. I guess she really wants kids of her own… Maybe Veer will be up for it next time I’ll start the game.

Anyway, that’s it for today!


3 comments on “5.9: Six for Gold

  1. cathytea says:

    Such great couples ! I love Andrej already !


    • My family constellation is rather non-traditional right now. Instead of having a normal family like: mother, father, kids, I have 4 pairs of adults who are very much in love with each other and a toddler, and most of the time it doesn’t matter who the original parents of the toddler are, because somebody is there for him all the time.

      Liked by 1 person

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