5.10: New Nanny

I started playing Minecraft again, with my daughter and my partner. My daughter is far too hooked on it. I feel guilty she might neglect some of her real life duties about it but so far it’s fine, since she’s on school holidays right now.

I really want to play some TS3 but it takes so long to start and I haven’t found the drive to do it yet. I also don’t know if I want to play my ISBI or continue playing the McGregors. And when I think about doing either I feel guilty for not playing the Voronovs.

How do you manage multiple stories, folks?

I kind of feel the need to complete this legacy as soon as possible so I can be free for other things. Maybe it’s the right way to go.

So, we have our Generation 6 heir. A guy again. Which is a pity, I like playing girls in TS4, I think. And Kira is pregnant again. And Lena will probably follow her very soon so we will have three children running around. I might need to redecorate.


I started the game to find this scene. Well, why not?

By the way, William is technically the son of our first Maid, Francisca Roe. Well actually his older brother Sam is, I made Will in CAS, but let’s just roll with it. It must be weird for him now. His mother made a living cleaning this house. And now he’s living in it. He’s almost Lord of the Estate. Obviously he is, but I still picture Danny as the head of the family.

Speaking of the Nanny. I called and Jade Riddle appeared on our doorstep again. She’s immortal, apparently. I like her, but it’s becoming weird to have the same Nanny as your grandfather and she’s still the same age. So I went into her household and assigned her a normal job. I was surprised to see that she has Piano, Violin and Guitar skills maxed so I made her an entertainer. Also I tried to remove the hidden traits that make her immortal. She is married to an Alyssa Riddle and they have a son and Alyssa is pregnant. I do not wonder about pregnancy and sex mechanics in the Sims anymore. Anything is fair game about that, I don’t mind.

So, the game assigned us a new Nanny as I expected.


Her name is Kelli Jacobsen and I have no idea what to think about her. A little bit heavy on the makeup, I think…


Doesn’t look that out of place in her normal clothes. I guess I’ll be leaving her as is, just try to edit her work clothes.

She’s a Good, Creative Music Lover, so she’s a good candidate.

Apparently I can’t edit her job outfit. Apparently being a Nanny is not a job. Well, we will just accept her the way she is.


First thing Kelli does is play Dolls with Silvia while Andrej is asleep. I think I like her.


Kira is heavily pregnant again. I’m slightly afraid of the state the household will be in when there are 3 toddlers around. Or possibly more.

I’m curious about Veer’s police career so I’ll follow him to work.


I vaguely remember that I downloaded the lot from the gallery back then when I started the legacy.


There’s a bunch of graffiti gnomes with flowers at the crime scene.


And our Marina’s ghost is a witness. Veer writes it down.


Analyzing evidence samples…


Taking mugshots…

Surprisingly, everything works and there is no lag. When I started playing with Sergej, everything lagged terribly and it was the main reason why I switched to the scientist career.

All in all, first day went rather well.


Andrej is running away from his mother who’s moving like a landwhale these days.


I love when they actually use the living room.


Kira is catching up with Andrej’s shenanigans as retold by Kelli.


I caught Silvia using the threadmil. Now I’m actually scared she might be pregnant too because I enabled risky wohoo with 2% pregnancy chance. And she only used the treadmill on her own when she was pregnant.


He looks so peaceful and cute asleep.

At this point all of the household is in bed except Leonid, he has the never weary reward trait. He’s been upgrading plumbing.

That’s a good point to stop and go to bed as well.


3 comments on “5.10: New Nanny

  1. cathytea says:

    They’re so sweet ! I’ve had to slow down on my multiple stories , too. I’ve actually got the idea of slowly finishing everything before starting more . .. we’ll see .


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