5.11: Baby Boom

Since we’ll have a lot of kids soon, I decided to download a different version of the park. It’s been the same for generations. Time to spice it up a bit.

I think the park I downloaded has ALL the skill activity items on it, it’s a bit overloaded. I might tone it down a bit after I gave it a run in gameplay. There’s certainly something for everybody in there. Might not be a bad thing. There’s so much stuff, one can basically live there indefinitely. It still keeps to the original layout mostly.


Isn’t he just precious?


Leonid discovers new talents. Yes, he’s old but he’s the long-lived trait so he will stick around for a while.


There was a fight Veer had to break up in the city.

I discovered though that in order to complete his aspiration I have to switch his job to Entertainer. It fits his personality better, anyway. The cop profession works fine, but it doesn’t fit Veer. I think I will get another Sim to be a detective and Veer can work on his jokes.


Andrej’s evening walk got cut short by his mother.


Silvia checks out the new mirror in the painting room.


Everybody is hanging out in the kids room while the kid is asleep.


Later, Andrej comes out to see what the commotion in the front yard is about. We’re having another picture sale. I just LOVE yard sales. It’s like running your own shop without all the hassle.


Just a couple of minutes later Kira returns from work early. The baby is coming.


I understand her look of “what have I gotten myself into”. Been there myself.

Since everybody is at work, we’ll stop the yard sale and take Anvi to the hospital with us. She’s sort of a honorary grandmother anyway.

Long story short, it’s a boy and his name is Stanislav, short form Stan.


Andrej is very angry about Stan. Apparently he never wanted a brother. Well, tough. You have to deal with it. As the heir of a legacy challenge, you will have to deal with a lot of things you probably don’t like.

Here’s pretty Kelli trying to take his mind off it by reading a book to him.


Lena is pregnant as well. We’ll be having three toddlers around very soon. I don’t want to imagine the chaos and the lag.


Veer certainly comes across better as a Comedian than a Detective. His clothing choices really fit his new role.


That’s our Bennett, by the way. He kind of got old.


Being old has a few benefits, but also drawbacks. And the main drawback of all is that you never know when Grim comes to take you to the other side.


For Anvi, the moment came a little unexpected. She just got out of bed when she heard the call.





Maybe Grim had a good day. Maybe he was just in a hurry and didn’t want to deal with Leonid’s pleas any longer. Anyway, Anvi’s departure was postponed for a time.

Leonid called his job to retire immediately – he already reached the top of his career. Anvi is just one day or two from that final promotion… I don’t care much for points but I would like her to get it. I hope that she will get this chance.


The lag is bearable when Will interacts with his son. Maybe it’s his family-oriented trait or maybe the game is just nice to me.




Time flies, especially if you’re a baby – I have customised age spans and the baby time is just one day long. Because let’s be honest, the baby stage is completely boring. But now with the addition of toddlers, I came to appreciate the baby state. It doesn’t lag so horribly.

Little Stan aged up and got the Inquisitive trait. We now have toddler number two.


Grim didn’t give Anvi a lot of time. Or enough time to get her final promotion. He got her on the very next day, with the ancestor’s paintings looking down on her.


Weirdly enough, I got the Black Widow achievement upon her death. I have no idea how it came to be or what it means (have a Sim outlive 5 spouses? nobody in my household did that…)


But I guess, there’s a first for everything.


2 comments on “5.11: Baby Boom

  1. sulsulsimlit says:

    I’m glad the Reaper was in a good mood with Anvi! She didn’t look ready to leave yet. I hope your game can survive three toddlers! I have two going in one of my families right now and it’s quite a struggle. Hopefully it’ll make for interesting gameplay though, as long as the adults can keep up! I’ve had a couple warnings about child services with mine – toddler cares and adult autonomy don’t always work well O.O.


  2. cathytea says:

    That was an awesome screenshot of Grim ! And Stan looks adorable !


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