5.12: Baby Boom pt 2

I’m kind of uncreative with chapter names lately, but I guess, after so many it’s not a big deal.

So, what is happening?

Anvi is dead. Being a Lazy Geek, she was a rather quiet Sim. She kept to her computer most of the time. She only had one son – Vladislav – but her legacy lives on in different ways. Her mother, Seema, was married to Alaina, Marina’s daughter. They had a son together – Lucas. Since Anvi didnt have a father ingame, Lucas was listed as her brother. Makes for some weird family tree, that’s for sure.

Leonid is pretty old currently. I suppose I accidentally gave them their youth potion twice because I forgot that I already given it to them. Leonid is Lara’s son, after all, just as Aleksej had been, and Aleksej is long dead, so it must be a mistake on my part. As an Athlete, he will live for a few more days, I guess. He’s retired and will be staying home fixing plumbing (he has the instant repair/upgrade thing going on). By the way, we can visit the hidden lots since he has lvl 10 in Handiness… that would be nice.

Silvia and Danny will be Elders in 8 days.

Silvia still hasn’t completed her bestsellers, but since it’s not her first aspiration I’m not in a hurry. She has put on quiet a bit of weight!



Danny too. Sometimes I send him working out, but it doesn’t seem to take.


The toddlers are… surprisingly okay. The lag hasn’t gotten worse as long as I keep cancelling most of toddler-related interactions and micromanage the toddlers myself. Letting them to the autonomy doesn’t seem to work.

Lena is still heavily pregnant. Veer is hanging around working on his comedy. He seems a quiet sort, too.


Kira and William are at work mostly. I should focus on them more, I know. Kira’s already lvl 7 in science career. I haven’t worked on her aspiration at all – which is Soulmate. I should remedy this soon. Kira has ended up on the heavier side of things as well.

It’s Saturday! Let’s take a look at the new park.


William and Kira have a date.


Danny is protesting for his cause.

After a while, I decided that I don’t like the new park. It’s too busy and has too much of everything – but then I found a version of it by the same creator that is older and not so overloaded. I will probably modify it to suit my needs and get rid of all the award lamps… I don’t like them.


Silvia met Vladislav at the chess table. Other things happened but I wasn’t paying attention, I was distracted cooking soup.

After we get home, the toddlers are bugged. They still show as “at daycare” but they are clearly around doing their usual toddler things. Maybe I should restart the game.


Really, Andrej?


Well, I guess, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.


Good thing your grandmother is there to clean you up again.


I have a hunch where he got the toilet idea. I hope Stan doesn’t get the same idea…


Finally, both of them in the same picture. I think they have different faces even if they’re similar to each other. (of course, they’re brothers)


Meanwhile, I’m making a point to create more paintings of family members again. I have neglected this since Lara died.


I also put workouts as favourite club activity during our family club gatherings to encourage them a bit. Seems to work so far.


Even Danny and Lena donned their sport outfits.


“Dad? I think you have to drive me to the hospital.”

Yup. Baby’s coming. It’s a pity you only can take one person with you to the hospital, it seems. So Veer has to come. He’s the father, after all.

Being a noncomittal Sim, Veer mostly keeps to himself. I haven’t seen him perform any autonomous romantic actions with Lena, but it’s fine. I won’t put him under pressure. He’s mostly handled as a roommate/live-in.


I actually expected this reaction.


So far everything goes according to plan. Don’t panic, Veer. Your life isn’t going to change… much.

It’s a boy. We now officially have three boys. Send help. His name is Gregorij because I watched too much House and wand to call somebody Greg.


Little Greg honors his namesake by looking completely miserable.

I don’t think we need any more children any time soon.

As we return home, the game presents me with this screen.


I didn’t notice his birthday came up already! I’m sorry, Andy.

And the random generator spilled out Slob. SLOB! Can you imagine it? I can’t. How can our heir have the slob trait? The dirty dishes are already piling up everywhere, we don’t need anyone to add to them.

Oh well.


We will see.


2 comments on “5.12: Baby Boom pt 2

  1. sulsulsimlit says:

    Darn, the slob trait is ROUGH. Especially in a house with toddlers sticking their heads in the toilet πŸ˜› Sometimes Sims are weird and their traits don’t effect them that much though? Hopefully this will be one of those. I’ll cross my fingers for you πŸ™‚


    • Maybe there is a correlation between his slob trait and him sticking his head in the toilet… it’s unseemly for an heir, but… we’re an open and welcoming community here at Raventree Estate. We take all kinds. πŸ˜€


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