5.13: Reign Over Chaos

It’s been almost two weeks since I started any Sims game. Had a lot going on lately, absolutely no time for anything. Here’s my draft from last time I played…

I am still looking for a nice community lot to use as a park. Maybe I just need a change of scenery. Newcrest is still empty. I will try to put some community lots there.

For now, I put a park on the biggest lot and made some changes and additions. I’ll probably end up redecorating most of it…


New kid in the family means a new generation of park boys – and girls.

The first we meet in the new park is Don Schofield, obviously of alien heritage.


The second is one Miracle Medeiros. I strongly suspect that Miracle’s parents are Lucas and Ashlie Medeiros. Lucas is Alaina’s son with Seema, Anvi’s mother. (our convoluted family tree again)

The new park feels really good. It doesn’t feel overloaded even if I added a whole bunch of stuff and will probably make a hidden basement at some point.

Veer discovers the Violin again.



Lena drops her basketball game and comes to watch him – that’s how they met, her watching him play the violin.


Kira has a chat with Danny after playing basketball with him. It’s nice to see she still has a relationship with her father.

It’s getting dark and everybody is tired, so we head home. I will probably build sleeping quarters in the park… I like it there.

Speaking of sleeping quarters. Our boys will need some space, even if they’re mostly living on Sleep Replacement – the fate of most legacy kids, I guess. Since Anvi’s dead, we don’t really need the room… Leonid can sleep in Abbie’s room.

I have no idea what to put in a boys room, but I tried.




It’s mostly a colorful mess.


So, I haven’t played for a while, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. I guess I’ll just let the game run for a while until I figure out what’s what.


Leonid has taken up painting. Maybe he wants to honor Lara’s spirit as he’s approaching his own appointment with Grim.

Soon, everybody is at work except Leonid.


He spends the day taking care of little Stan until the others return from work.


Later, we hang out in the new park for a while. I still like it there a lot.

A rather weird night later (a great deal of ghosts came out and some people were afraid of them and tense – that’s fairly new in our household, I guess the relationships to the deceased family members decayed so the ghosts were seen as strangers) – there’s Geek Con in town and I decide to send Danny and whoever will be free from work.

I encounter some weird looking Sims and Danny can get some donations for his political cause, but other than than, nothing happens. We head back to the park. I need to work on Andrej’s skills. We have to think about the next generation.


There’s a kid there called Odin Bailey.

Kira’s birthday is coming up. I’m still kind of aimless after the break, but the birthday at least gives me something to focus on.

And when we return home from park, little Greg ages up to a toddler! We now have two of those on our hands again.

Apparently we still have the Vampire Eyes issue. I have no idea what’s causing it, I haven’t found any weird Eye CC yet…  I’m SO doing a CC purge when I’m done with this legacy.

I don’t feel like having a big birthday party for Kira and William. The game lags enough as it is. So there’s cake but no guests. If you don’t count the ghosts.





One comment on “5.13: Reign Over Chaos

  1. cathytea says:

    Fun to see your family back !


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