5.14: New Kids

It’s been a week. Again. I’ve been busy with being sick and doing beadwork. A lot of it. I finished a couple of commissions and look forward to do more of those.

Two toddlers in the house cause a great deal of lag. I remember wanting to give Kira and William a day without work or children around and work on Kira’s Soulmate Aspiration. Let’s do this and get away from the toddlers a bit.


That’s just a random screenshot. I like how they’re all in their own thoughts.





Some more everyday moments.


We met Ben and Judy at the restaurant. Ben got old! Judy is still beautiful.


Ben is still cute even as an Elder.


Kira and Will had a great meal and chat together.

There were a lot of kids in the neighborhood so I brought Andrej. I’m not sure I approve of his clothing choice or his introduction, but he had lots of fun meeting the other kids. Where do the kids come from? There are a lot of them! Like really a lot. I have no idea who’s who.




They stayed out late.


Andrej invited some of his new friends for sleepover. The blonde girl is Shirley Xu and the red-haired is Norma Cross. She is very cute and reminds me of Lara as a child.


They’re both cute. I like them both.


Inside Aleksej’s ghost is helping one of the toddlers stack blocks and Leonid is watching the boys. The Alien is Don Schoffield and the boy in the suitjacket is one Odin Bailey.


Danny met his mother’s ghost in the garden.


And Kira had a chat with her grandfather at the gym.

Silvia and Danny are going to be Elders soon and Stanislav is going to be a school kid.

Time is passing and I will have to update the family tree soon, before all the sims I have to add turn old and grey.



3 comments on “5.14: New Kids

  1. sulsulsimlit says:

    I love the everyday moments in this chapter. Sometimes it’s nice to just have miscellaneous moments-in these especially, I think they show a lot about the personality of each Sim, which is great.

    I can’t believe everyone is getting older! Ben looks fantastic as an elder. I bet you’re glad Stan is aging up soon too-one less toddler slowing things down.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the comment. Its kind of hard for me to get back in the flow right now because of the long breaks in between playing. I will work on updating the family tree soon. Maybe it will help me to reacquaint myself with them.


  2. cathytea says:

    Love seeing the ghosts catching up with the family !


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