5.15: Dry Patch

It’s summer out here! And while I don’t go out that much anyway for a variety of reasons, I always feel guilty playing computer games during summer. Maybe it’s one of the reasons I don’t play that often right now.

Maybe I just hit a dry patch. I hope the upcoming GP will remedy it – it sounds promising, focusing on family and parenting.

I finally updated the family tree, at least with names and portraits.

Last time I played Andrej’s little brother Stanislav was ready to age up. Leonid even has a cake in his inventory. Let’s head out to the park and have a birthday party of sorts. Both his parents are at work, but grandparents Silvia and Danny are around, so that’s gonna be enough until Kira and Will come back home.


Leonid ran into his son and had a chat with him.


Stan aged up with a bad mood and rather useless Insider trait.


There were a LOT of children. This generation is full of them. I swear, everybody is reproducing like rabbits.


Stan is photobombing his older brother and his possible girlfriend.


Will showed up like this. It was funny for a second, then I went straight to CAS and got rid of it.2131.jpg

The kids had fun. Andrej almost completed his social aspiration.

I am thinking that I want to try opening a store or a restaurant when Andrej is of age. It’s time for something new! Danny’s generation was all about building a new house, and Kira’s generation is kind of more of the same, because the house is still not ‘finished’ and I don’t know if it will ever be.


While the kids are at school and most of the adults are at work, Leonid gets an invite from his mother.

Why not check it out? I usually don’t accept invites from ghosts, but I haven’t seen Lara in a while.


Lara’s ghost appeared for a split second but then she was gone. Nobody else was in the Bluffs. That’s what you get for chasing ghosts, Leonid.



One comment on “5.15: Dry Patch

  1. cathytea says:

    That final screenshot is mysterious and lovely !


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