5.16: No Party without Grim

I played a bit now and then, but didn’t feel like writing.

My writing mood is kind of low lately, maybe because a lot of stuff is going on in my life again. I’m busy with beadwork, which is a creative outlet. I have to move in two or three months, which creates a lot of background stress.

And it’s summer, which, too, adds to my stress levels, and most of the time I don’t even know why. I just prefer winter, somehow. I always feel the pressure to go out and do things in summer. Winter is quiet and calm and I feel good about staying inside and playing games or writing.

But I really want this legacy to be over, so I’ll go on.

Here are a few screenshots.


I like this one. From this perspective it looks like Greg’s feet are resting on Veer’s knees and it’s something kids do. Greg wears glasses because of the Vampire Eye Syndrome.


The No-Mosaic mod doesn’t work for me, which is a pity.


Will looks better with having breast hair.


Speaking of body hair, Leonid got some too now, and some stubble. Still looking good for an old man.

Speaking of old people… Danny and Silvia are getting on in age. We’re going to have a party.

As always, we invited some of our extended family and relatives.


Will looks like it’s his cake.


Silvia heads down to the kitchen to have some of the cake.


Here we go. There is some lag, but no more than usual. And then, of course, someone dies. No birthday party is successful without a visit from the reaper.

It’s Genji the Mailman. I forgot who he was married with.


Nobody really cares, though.



Nobody even talks to Grim so he watches TV by himself.


I guess, Grim is having none of it, because just right after the party, before everybody headed out, he takes Ben Junior.


You will be missed, Ben. You were the first and so far only adopted kid in the family, and you had your issues, but you did good for yourself. You had a good life.


Later, the “old men” are sharing stories in Leonid’s bedroom.


While a thoughtful Kira shares a quiet moment with her mother.


And so life goes on.


In life, Aleksej and Alyson never been very close, but as ghosts, they usually spend the night dancing together. It’s weird how they discovered their bond only after they died.


Andrej, while being perfectly capable of reading the book himself, still enjoys being read to. But it’s fine – I’m always glad when I can get them to spend time together.



One comment on “5.16: No Party without Grim

  1. cathytea says:

    I liked Ben a lot .


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