5.17: Three Boys

I’m really excited about the upcoming pack, by the way.

Is it a bad thing to just want this legacy to be over? I want to play different saves but I don’t want to do it before I’m done. Call it a self-imposed restriction.

I want to open a restaurant when Andrej grows up. This way I have something to look foraward to in this legacy.

Today Kira and William are going to have a date in a library I put in Newcrest. I haven’t look at this build ingame yet.


The library lot is very beautiful. I like Newcrest lately. I look forward to play a build Newcrest challenge!


The colors fit together nicely and they’re immediately in the right mood.


The colors in this screenshot make me so happy. The greens in the background, the soft tones of the stone bricks.





After all, Kira and William make a beautiful couple. It took a long time for Kira to find him, and while I feel like I have cheated a bit by creating him in CAS as a copy of Sam Roe, it was the right thing to do, because look at them.

I’m really looking forward to Andrej growing up. If he inherited some of Will’s genes, he will be very handsome!


At the moment, Andrej is working on his third aspiration and explores the world of chess.


The date being over, Will sneaks away to play some sports on the public computer.


And Kira uses the time to read a library book.

In reallife, I took a break to drive out to a lake and lie in the sun for two hours. I also acquired a slight sunburn on my upper arms.

Some everyday life screenshots.





And now we’re going to celebrate Gregorij’s birthday.



He gained the neat trait and seems to like red and pink.


Even his Ancestor Sveta came to join the party.

And so there will be three boys in the house for a while, until Andrej becomes a teenager. Maybe the upcoming pack will be out by then…


One comment on “5.17: Three Boys

  1. cathytea says:

    Greg is really cute ! I think neat Sims are both fun and challenging ! Messy environments are so hard for them !


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