5.18: Parenthood pack

I got a nice paycheck this month, which means I got the parenthood pack and went shopping for beads and other stuff and now I even have an hour or two to play!

Lets do this.


The first new thing I noticed, besides the new trait interface, is Gregorij running to ask his grandfather for advice.


Which is definitely new and I love it.

By the way, after Bogdan explained things to Greg, he went off to hug Leonid. Since he got old, he seems to look out for Leonid’s company often.


Greg needs to work on his social aspiration, so I take him to the park. My current default park is the one I put into Newcrest, I like it there a lot.


That’s Kimber Medeiros and Shirley Xu. Kimber is of Sveta’s lineage.


Odin makes a mess (that’s new!) and Greg seems to be horrified by that. He’s a neat sim, after all. Quite fitting.

After we get home, I get the notification that Samir Voronov married a Dominique Chauhan. I think Samir is Vladislav and Leticia’s son.


At night, Leonid is painting something matching his swimming pants.


Outside, Veer is too, wearing swimming pants. He is very angry. He has just been abducted by aliens. Can we expect alien babies? I hope so. It’s the third abduction that happened, I got an achievement for that. But I never had alien babies.

Anyway… I got caught up in the gallery looking at lots.

This will continue.


Skip two days in real life. It’s finally Friday. I never thought I would get fed up with work so much because it used to be fun. But I do. I kind of want it to end. It will, eventually. Just not right now.

I started re-reading CathyTea’s Goofy Love because I felt like it and realised that I miss the early days of the legacy when I only had one or two Sims to focus on. I try to focus on everybody and I spread my attention so thin that I don’t have any, at all. I’m just jumping around and not taking time to watch.

And it’s not the first time I realize this. Maybe I need to remind myself from time to time that I should focus my attention.

I watched Lara and Sveta when they were kids. I knew their personalities. I don’t know a thing about Andrej. From now on, I will make an effort to focus on him since he’s the heir.


When the game loads, Andrej is standing in the fitness bathroom, contemplating something. I cycle through the other household members, not unable to resist my habits, and find Andrej coming to the living room to dance with his father and Alyson’s ghost.



William has a new whim – to volunteer with his family. I find the volunteer menu and send him on a beach cleanup with all the three kids. Nevermind it’s middle of the night.


Indeed, they get dressed and leave the lot. I didn’t expect it to actually work. The City Living events never worked for me.


Leonid is painting again. He does that a lot lately.

I think, Leonid is my favourite Sim of the household currently. He’s Lara’s son. He’s been around forever. I think he got two youth potions because I forgot I already gave him one, that’s why he’s lived so long.

He’s an Active, Perfectionist Genius, and he had the Musical Aspiration to begin with, but he’s completed the Athletic one and Nerd Brain. And, of course, Mansion Baron and Fabulously Wealthy because they’re freebies at this point.

He has the Friend of the World aspiration currently but I don’t know if he’s going to finish it before he dies. I dread the moment he leaves us, because in my mind, he was Lara’s true heir. If anyone, he’s been my focus since Lara died.

William returns the kids home just in time for school. Sims start leaving for school and work.

I guess things are fine as they are for now.


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