5.19: Set the table


William is very happy about his fruit cobbler.


And with Kira, of course, who’s about to go to work.


We have a new maid.


The first thing she does is yell at Veer for leaving his dirty underwear everywhere, I suppose.


I love how kids come to interact with adults a lot more with the new gamepack. Here’s Stan asking grandmother Silvia for advice.


And Andrej came to watch her paint.


Later, Silvia is visiting an arts center for her work assignment. She met Kimber Medeiros.


Kimber is really cute. I love seeing our extended family! They’re all Sergej’s descendants. His legacy. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside.


At home, Andrej is working on his mental skill.


Greg autonomously decided to set the table. So many new things in the gamepack! And a minute later I remembered it was Veer’s Birthday and I completely forgot it! But Greg reminded me. He set the table for his father’s birthday cake! How considerate.



And folks actually came to sit and eat at the table! Veer finally got a promotion, by the way, and is now a Comedian.


I sent Kira and William for a morning swim to increase their fun meter before they go to work. By the way… I never had a sim autonomously use the pool, except when on a pool venue. But never on the home lot.

Andrej will have his birthday in one day, and he’s almost completed the mental aspiration. He won’t be going to school today.

He’s completed 3 aspirations, the only one left is creative. I will attempt to try and finish it before he ages up, but I doubt I make it.

Anyway I’m very excited for him as a teenager!

Won’t be today, though, I’m tired and will be off now.


One comment on “5.19: Set the table

  1. cathytea says:

    The new pack seems great! I haven’t gotten it yet but this makes me want to !


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