5.20: All over again… or not?

Playing a legacy challenge can be repetitive after a while. We’re going through the same motions, through the same simplified stages of a life: birth, growing up, looking for a partner, falling in love, having children, aiming for promotions and personal goals, growing old, joining the Ancestors, finally.

But with every Sim, there are things that are different and unique, even if the framework stays the same.

I never had a Sim with the Slob trait, for example. I’m not sure yet how it plays out, because until now, Andrej’s main focus was building skills and finishing aspirations, which is a bit boring, to be honest. I wonder if the next generation will be different, because we have the Parenthood pack now, and it might make playing children fun. I don’t know yet, though.

Andrej won’t be able to finish his fourth aspiration, but he maxed all 4 childhood skills!


Time to have cake and invite some relatives!


Andrej has pink earrings. I didn’t notice until now.





Andrej isn’t strikingly handsome like Will, but he has a cute smile. Fate has bestowed a hard life upon him though, I’m afraid…

He got the Loner trait and the Joke Star aspiration. So he’s a Loner Slob who wants to make people laugh. Contradictions much?


I really like his face after looking at him for a while.


Despite being a slob, he autonomously loads the dishwasher, cleaning up after his party.


Our old friend Vladislav stays to hang out for a while. I love Kira’s expression in this.


With the parenthood pack, people are using the table more! I like it!

Something is happening on the other side of the house…


William is wearing a towel and feeling flirty. Since I’ve been watching Kira all the time, I’m confused.


Leonid is feeling flirty as well.


No, you didn’t.

Except they did, apparently. Each other. In the sauna. What even is going on. William is cheating on Kira with her… uh… great-uncle?

After five generations, we now have relationship drama for the first time. I have no idea what to think about it. Leonid is like 90. Why did you do that? Why did you do that while I wasn’t watching? I feel betrayed. Will and Kira are so great together. Why would Will do that? I am confused.

It’s pride month, though. And this is the first time that any of my household members engaged in homosexual activities. Maybe they were just… um… celebrating pride month? I am still confused.

I will go to bed now. Have a picture of Silvia in the bathtub to calm your nerves a bit.



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