5.21: First Outing

I still have not the slightest idea what happened yesterday. It’s like Lena flirting with Sveta’s ghost, except worse, because Sveta is dead and I don’t know if flirting with a dead person counts as cheating. Leonid and William are both alive, so it’s kind of complicated.


Still feeling flirty, William seeks out Kira to give her a kiss.

Let’s not dwell on this then.

Since Andrej is a teenager, and doesn’t have school for 4 more days, let’s focus on him for a while. He has the Joke Star aspiration. Let’s hit a bar and see what happens.

By the way, his playground friends are growing up too! Our alien friend Don is a teen, and our lady friend Shirley Xu as well. I can’t wait to see what Shirley and Norma look like!


Here’s Andrej in CAS, not edited.


Here we go with a different haircut! I can see William’s genes in him! He’s going to be handsome.


He’s kind of lanky, but hey, he’s a teen, he’ll fill out.


Sergej had that shirt! It looks good on Andrej too. Let’s tell some jokes.


The mic is facing the wrong direction. Or maybe Andrej is just anxious about his first public performance.

By the way, Silvia got her final promotion and is now a level 10 Arts Critic.


Here’s one of Andrej’s friends Mackenna Lo!


The other lady is Shirley Xu! She’s rather cute.


Poor loner Andrej! But he holds up great for his first performance.


Here’s Norma Cross, the previously red-haired girl! I think she has potential. It’s too early to choose favourites yet, though.


I’m not sure I like Norma’s other hairstyle, though. Let’s see…


Now would you look at that. I only changed the hairstyle and added some lip gloss. And she’s a Loner too! And Creative.

I like her, a lot.

Apparently, Andrej does too, because as soon as I got out of CAS, he went and hugged her. I was too slow to take a picture though.

Anyway, I have to go to bed now! It’s a short update, but I’m posting it anyway because I’m very pleased with Andrej and Norma!


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