5.22: Picking up pace

It seems the new game pack broke the boredom I felt lately, I feel like I’m gaining momentum again! I’m actually looking forward to play instead of doing random things.

Oh and I started reading Temeraire again! By Naomi Novik. I love it, it’s like Dragonriders of Pern but set in our world. I got my hands on German translations of it and want to show it to my daughter.


Andrej always gets bad manner increases when he eats. I guess it’s due to him being a slob.


Well would you look at that! I really hope she’s there, because last time I accepted an invitation it was a bust.


She’s there, and the first thing they do is give each other a hug.


Then she shares some funny chat logs with him.


The queue said he’s obsessing about favourite shows, but I think it’s about her a little, too.


The usual gang is here as well!


The place gets overrun with ghosts after a while, but they’re family ghosts. I’m okay with those. A bit. There should be a MCCC setting: No ghosts on lot.


Did I mention that she’s beautiful? If I did, I’m not sorry, I’ll probably mention it a dozen times more. I’m a bit in love.


They’re making a selfie!



Back at home, the pack definitely changed things! Folks are autonomously watching TV again, they didn’t do it for ages.


The kids are bringing their food to the TV! Well, that’s fine with me.


Leonid started a portrait of Andrej.


Meanwhile Andrej is playing Don’t Wake the Llama with his uncle.

I definitely see more social interaction with the new pack. I like that a lot. I had the feeling lately that my sims only go about their business and actual family life is lagging behind. It’s changing!


One comment on “5.22: Picking up pace

  1. cathytea says:

    She is beautiful!


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