5.23: Andrej And Search For Self

I get frustrated with beading lately. Everything I start annoys me greatly up to the point where I cut it apart again.

I think I need to take my mind off beadwork for a while.


Despite being a slob, Andrej cleans up some spilled paint one of the kids left at the rocket station.


And for the first time ever, I see a Sim autonomously swimming on the home lot!


After his swimming session, William takes Kira out to a coffee shop. Kira needs another date for her aspiration.


Despite his sauna thing with Leonid, they are still very sweet together and have a full romance bar. I guess, what happens in the sauna, stays in the sauna. Which is fine with me.


Outside, Stanislav meets Tina Riddle, daughter of Jade Riddle, who has been our Nanny for generations, until I released her from her immortality.


Back at home, I catch a rare moment of Veer being autonomously romantic with Lena. Being a Noncommital Sim, he’s often weird around her.

Bogdan finally completed his gardening aspiration.

That makes his Aspirations: Party Animal, Freelance Botanist, Fabulously Wealthy, Mansion Baron.

I chose Big Happy Family for him, but I doubt he will finish that.


Lets give teen careers a go. I never did thouse, to be honest…


Andrej: Of course I can pull it off, Ma! Don’t look at me like that!

Kira seems unimpressed.

We’re having a birthday party! Lena’s becoming an adult.


Nice outfit, Lena!


Norma has a very beautiful dress today too.


“All this cake for myself?”



I love her expressions.


She looks so proud of herself!




Just the usual business… Oh, what’s that? Andrej’s feeling flirty?


Now that’s just amazing. They started flirting with each other on their own.


She’s so beautiful. I hope it works out.


Being a Loner sim isn’t easy, though, and soon he makes a remark she doesn’t like. He’s embarassed and she’s angry.

It’s time to go home, I guess.


At home, Andrej is on a roll! First, he autonomously started writing.


Then he used the microscope!

And after, he started to repair the observatory. I didn’t even notice it was broken. I’m very surprised!

He successfully fixed the observatory and went downstairs again, and then I found out that you can simultaneously workout and watch the cooking channel and gain both skills, because that’s what he did.


I’m not sure if that’s what CathyTea meant with Sims getting super smart in later generations, but it might be, because I never before saw a Sim do so many meaningful actions after another. Usually they just go play MySimsGo or some other game when left alone.


I found Silvia in the bathroom sitting on the floor with her favourite toy, the helicopter. She had the helicopter in her inventory when she joined our household and she never parted with it. She takes it out from time to time and plays with it. I wonder about its story. It’s clearly very special to her.


Stanislav is going through a phase and wants to be a yellow bear. Go be a bear, boy. I don’t mind.

Andrej is going through a phase too. He has a mean streak. I hope it will pass soon.


After the kids and some adults go to work, the rest of the family gathers for a late breakfast.


2 comments on “5.23: Andrej And Search For Self

  1. I love how the new parenthood pack seems to have really boosted autonomous family interactions!
    Andrej is such a cutie! I hope things go well for him and Norma.


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