5.24: Stan in da house

I left Danny to work from home for once, and he needs to discuss neighbourhood changes with neighbours, so let’s visit the Medeiros Estate.



The Medeiros Household currently consists of six Sims. On the right in the picture Hillary, who is Marina’s daughter and Sveta’s Granddaughter. I’m not sure why she still looks young. Time is being weird in our savegame lately.

Hillary recently married one Tanvi Anand, now Medeiros by marriage.

Kimber, the lady in the blue overall, has the unflirty trait and doesn’t have a partner currently. She’s Alaina’s daughter, therefore Hillary’s niece.

Then we have Lucas and his wife Ashley. Lucas is Alaina’s son with Seema, Anvi’s mother. Yes, our family tree is very convoluted.


And finally, Miracle, who’s Lucas’ and Ashley’s daughter and still a teen. She’s very cute, too.

Do you know what I noticed recently? It’s hard for me to find any TS4 Sim ugly. While I met a few ugly specimens in TS3, I find something to like in every TS4 sim.

Back home, I notice that Stanislav’s birthday is up, we need to bake a cake again.



Stan grows up to be a Genius and has the Aspiration of finding a Soulmate! He clearly loves bright colors.


After he’s finished eating, he gets very tense because of Hormones and has the wish to hire a massage therapist. I never saw this whim before and I never hired a therapist either though we have a massage table in the fitness room. Why not?


The therapist is a nice young man called Krishna Meshram.


Krishna throws some sweet looks in Stan’s direction before getting to business.


Stan seems to like Krishna back, at least he’s very friendly with him.


Well, I’d like to have a personal massage therapist too!


The image speaks for itself, I think.



They chat for a long time, while Stan cleans the massage table and then dresses into the most cliche teenager clothes I ever saw.



Leonid does a yoga routine in the morning.


Andrej repairs the dishwasher, watched by his cousin.

Next, we will visit the GeekCon with Stan, but I got to go to bed now.


One comment on “5.24: Stan in da house

  1. cathytea says:

    I’m with you ! I find all Sims interesting and beautiful! That’s why I never call Townies “eyesores” or give them makeovers. I’m all for Sim Pride and individual expression !


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