3.25: That Blasted Sauna Again

I sent Stan and a few others to GeekCon last time, but now I can’t be bothered to deal with it, so they will go back home and we will enjoy a couple of quiet days.

Danny’s and Silvia’s lifebars are sparkling and I want to spend a little more time with them before they pass on.


Silvia, despite being a triple grandmother, still talks to stuffed toys and plays with her helicopter. She never wrote those bestsellers, though. Oh well.

She completed her first aspiration though, which was The Curator. Fabulously Wealthy and Mansion Baron are freebies so I don’t really count them in. She also reached the top of the Art Critic career.

Danny completed Freelance Botanist and Party Animal and almost reached the top of the Politician career, so both of them can be content with their life. Not to mention having rebuilt the Estate and having raised two wonderful daughters.

Because life goes on even with looming departure of our Elders, I have invited Stan’s club friends. Most of them are teenagers now too.


The red haired lady is Gabrielle Jackson, and the blonde is Tina Riddle, daughter of our former Nanny Jade Riddle. She’s cute.


A few minutes later she’s giving a hand massage to Stan. I guess he likes massages since that therapist came over.


Look how adorable she is.


I have a suspicion that Leonid somehow become immortal. Honestly, how is he still alive? He’s Lara’s son, and we’re at our sixth Generation now. He’s Third.


Veer ruins a perfectly good dinner picture by stuffing the sandwich into his face whole.


Here’s our heir, looking strangely accomplished.

After dinner, I catch our massage junkie Stan, feeling very playful, going off with Gabrielle, the red haired girl.


What. Are. You. Doing.


No, you don’t.


Oh well.


I slightly regret having bought that sauna.

But  then again, Stanislav just decided for himself. I would not have picked Gabrielle. She has a weird nose. But it definitely was his own choice, I didn’t even direct him to talk to her.

He has the Soulmate aspiration. I guess he wanted to get an early start.


And after all, a nose isn’t the most important thing on a person.


Meanwhile, Veer is watching TV with his son.


Later, both Kira and Leonid autonomously start helping Stanislav with homework, but to me it looks like Kira is berating him for messing around with Gabrielle and Leonid is secretly proud.



One comment on “3.25: That Blasted Sauna Again

  1. cathytea says:

    You have the most beautiful Sims ! I love how unique they are ! I like those sauna romances too!


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