5.27: Sylvia And Danny

Work is kind of crappy right now, long hours and no fun. It’s too hot outside and working in the open doesn’t agree with me, being born in Siberia, I don’t like the heat much.

I think Leonid has got the Immortal Bug somehow, even though I tried to remove the bugged hidden traits a couple of days ago. He’s still around. But he’s one of my favourite Sims, so if he wants to live forever, he can feel free to do so.


The boys have got a great body, by the way. This is Stan.


We’re slowly resembling a normal family again, doing normal things like eating breakfast at a table. Little Greg is standing because he’s about to dash off to school.


Silvia seems to enjoy this particular morning.


I decide to join William for work for a change. Everybody got old at the labs. Even beautiful and evil Akshara Ramesh.


One of the coworker dies and William sheds some obligatory tears before getting on with his job.

And then, as soon as William gets home, there’s this piercing sound again. Grim has followed him home.

Sylvia and Danny depart at the very same moment. Sylvia collapses in the gaming room.


Danny lies in a heap on the sidewalk, unnoticed for a while, because everybody runs to Sylvia first, including Grim.




And then the game crashes.

I haven’t had a crash in a long while now. It just froze for a second, then terminated. I saved when Will was in the lab. I wonder if things repeat more or less the same.

The coworker dies at the same time, again. Will gets slightly different work objectives and perform less well, but still gets a vacation day.

And indeed, the very second he gets back, the events repeat in the very same manner. I let them unfold for the second time, before saving the game and shutting it off.

I liked both Sylvia and Danny. They were a good couple. They will be missed.


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