5.28: Stan’s Date

It’s weird – I looked at the chapter list and I definitely have more and more chapters with each generation as opposed to first Gen.

But then again, there’s more things happening with each new generation to fit in the chapters as opposed to the beginning.

It’s also kind of weird seeing big portraits again – we only have 8 Sims in our household again, and I guess it will stay this way until one of the boys acquires a mate.

Probably time for one of those overview things.

We have Leonid, who’s very ancient – I’m pretty sure he’s immortal. Leonid is Lara’s second son, and Lara is Sergej’s daughter, so he’s third generation. He used to be a concert pianist, but mostly paints paintings and cooks now.


Then there’s Kira, Danny’s and Sylvia’s daughter, our Generation 5 heir and technically head of the household right now.


Her husband William, very handsome and still in need of some fishing trips. Both are scientists.


Kira’s sister Lena, secret agent, pretty much on her own, since I rarely focus on her, she’s living her own life.


Her partner Veer, who was a cop but it didn’t fit him so now he’s a comedian. Easily recognizable by his blue hair.


Finally, our next heir Andrej. He’s got some freckles and some chin stubble because he will grow up soon.


His younger brother Stan, who wouldn’t cooperate with me to not look stupid so I didn’t take a screenshot, and Lena’s son Greg, who is a kid still.

As you can surely notice I changed the CAS background, but I will change it again, it’s too bright. It looked more grey on the preview but I guess it’s because of Reshade.


I have no idea what’s going on with Andrej. I found him like that when I came out of CAS. I’m in love with his expression.


More weird faces: William while Leonid crawled into the bed next to him and is crying because of Sylvia and Danny. Why is Leonid in Williams bed? I don’t know. I don’t trust them after the Sauna Incident. But Will looks at least startled. According to the game, he’s asleep, though.

Things go on as usual, except people are sad because of Sylvia and Danny. When the kids are off to school, I send Leonid to check out this Chinese Lounge I downloaded some time ago.



Leonid is really impressed by the furniture.


It’s a really nice place!


There’s a mic too! I get Veer to tell some jokes before he leaves to work.


Leonid accompanies Veer’s routine on the piano.


The place suffers from lack of visitors, but there is an old lady in a weird dress watching the performance.

They stay until Veer has to go to work. The kids return from school and Leonid heads home.

Andrej goes to his after-school job and Stan has sent a happy text to his girl Gabrielle. She invites him to a cafe. Of course we accept.








Stanislav has got himself a girlfriend. It’s hard to see, but in the last picture they have exchanged promise rings.

Then we get a lot of Marriage Notifications. Miracle Medeiros, daughter of Lucas and Ashley, has married Alien Pollinator. I need to give Alien Pollinator a name.

Kimber Medeiros has married Caleb Tanaka. I think Caleb is one of the vampires? Well, if you want.

Francisco (Ben’s son, I think) Voronov has married Traci Spears. Which is a bit weird because Traci is some relative of Sylvia. Her sister of sorts? I don’t remember.

But life goes on, and I accept all of our extended family’s marriage choices.

When Stan gets home, I realize that it’s Andrej’s birthday. I will celebrate it next time I get in the game.


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