6.1: First of Six

I mentioned Marriage Notifications in the last post, I think. Anyway, our extended family in the mansion across the street, the Medeiros household, have have an Alien now. Miracle married the Alien Pollinator! She didn’t have a name when I went into CAS. I clicked the random generator a few times, so her name is now Tierra.


She’s a mean, insane snob, but she’s certainly pretty!


Here’s her true form.

What are we gonna do now, that we’re officially on Generation 6?

Let’s open a restaurant.


Look, I have the boys at the same table! Let’s pretend they’re discussing the restaurant opening plans.


Leonid (who’s probably gonna live forever, anyway I have accepted the fact that he has transcended his mortal lifespan at least twice) is teaching Andrej to play guitar. It’s good for wooing girls. And Andrej needs it for his job. We remember, he wants to be a Comedian. He likes challenges.


“But Uncle, it’s so haaaard.”

Andrej still looks like a teenager to me. He didn’t change much since his birthday.


Leonid is proud of his pupil.

Anyway, the restaurant. Since I have absolutely no idea whatsoever and building is always intimidating to me, I went into the gallery and purchased a small building. It’s called “Tiny 1” and is very cute. And tiny.

I will probably bulldoze it after a while and build my own thing, or expand on it. It’s just something to get me started.

Since I have no idea what I’m doing, I loaded the Diner menu preset.

Now, the employees… Since it’s supposed to be a family business, I was very thrilled when some of our relatives showed up for hire! Jared Voronov will be our waiter. Kimber Medeiros (currently Tanaka because she married somebody and I didn’t change her name back) is our Chef and Hillary Medeiros is our host.


Our guests are coming in!


This place is way too tiny!

I will definitely build my own place next time. Also MCCC is logging a script error all the time and I have no idea what it’s about.

Anyway, that’s a fairly short update, but I don’t have much time today. Off to bed now!


One comment on “6.1: First of Six

  1. cathytea says:

    The restaurant is a great idea !


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