6.2: Restaurant

Since I still don’t have ideas about how I want my restaurant, I went to scour the gallery again. After trying out lots of places, I almost despaired.

I probably should build one completely from scratch, and I will, at some point. I placed another place that I want to try out ingame. I just don’t want to spend several hours building… I want to experience some of the gameplay.

For now, I placed “the Merryplace” by Bianza. It’s small but can be expanded easily.


Meanwhile, the family is enjoying a very early breakfast on the porch.


Stan is doing homework with his female classmates.


Later, the boys are all together. I really like their dynamic.


Stan is telling wild tales about his love life. Well, he’s the only one with bragging rights – he’s the only one having a girlfriend, and he got her without me contributing at all!


Andrej is more interested in menu ideas for his restaurant. He has to go to work soon, though, and the younger boys don’t have school, so Stan gets to have his first real date.


The date took place in a museum, was a success and ended in a picture-perfect kiss in front of a tool exhibit, or whatever this is.


In case you didn’t believe me.


I sent Leonid, since he’s the only one without a day job, to the restaurant. My building experiments have somehow eliminated the staff, but I could get Kimber back as the cook and Hillary as the host. No family waiter was available, though… Our waiter is now one Diamond Maeda. She’s a Good Vegetarian Loner, which might be challenging for a waiter. We’ll see how it works out.

While Leonid is welcoming guests, William is napping on the couch.


Leonid randomly started flirting with the (beautiful of course) lady on the right.


The boys came to hang out, of course, and Stan brought his girlfriend.


After we close shop, the boys ‘clean’ up the uneaten food. Means, Stan is shoving it in his face.


I still have no idea what I’m doing, but we made 150§ profit and our cook has now level 3 Cooking and Mixology… so I guess it’s a good thing?


William finally leveled up fishing.

The next goal is to ensure the next generation, I guess… time to send Andrej on a mission!


One comment on “6.2: Restaurant

  1. cathytea says:

    Seems like a good day for the restaurant !


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