6.3: Family duties

Andrej doesn’t feel grown up to me yet, but he is, and he has to fulfill his duties to the legacy by finding a mate.

Let’s send him somewhere and see if he maybe has chemistry with Norma, now that she’s grown up too.

I just caved and bought the three game packs I was missing: Fitness, Bowling Night and Vintage Glamour. We can hire a butler now!

And I put a new nightclub with a bowling area in, so we’ll check it out shortly. But first I have to fulfill another duty to the family – I have to celebrate Stanislav’s Birthday.

Weirdly enough, once I sent Leonid to bake the cake, Stanislav autonomously started setting the yard table! I guess he knows what we’re up to.


Look at his smug face.



This is full of patterns. First he sets his own table, then he’s wishing for… love? as he blows the candles out, and then I roll Family Oriented as his third trait.

Stan has got his life figured out already. While Andrej, the heir, doesn’t.

I guess he needs a little help with that. I let him send a happy text to Norma to trigger a meeting, and it works like a charm.


Let’s see what happens!


They greet each other with a hug, which is a good thing.


Then it’s all over the place for a bit. He obviously wants to invite her for a coffee, but she runs off to watch the gardener play guitar and then sits down to play chess with Vladislav. Vladislav is still kind of special to me because he was the first toddler in our household. I’m always glad to see him.



Of course, Vladislav vacates the seat once Andrej gets there, but Norma runs off to watch the gardener again, and then complains loudly of being hungry.



She rejoins the chess table after that, and Andrej, seeing this as his chance, asks her out for lunch.


Both have changed clothing, and their outfit choices kind of go together very well. Both are feeling very flirty, and apparently she’s even ready to move in with him.



And then we’re on a roll and I don’t have to do anything, just watch.





Aren’t they just sweet? Stan can keep his eagle-nosed Gabrielle. I have Norma, and she’s perfect, and I’m happy that Andrej succeeded in luring her.

Now that this is out of the way, I can go visit our restaurant for a while. I have expanded it a bit!


Let’s see how it works…


Stan really loves Gabrielle and he’s not afraid to show it to her anywhere, anytime.


Andrej is weird. He’s a Loner and a Slob but I never saw him get tense because of other people and I never saw him making a mess either. He did fart and belch a few times as a teenager, but honestly those are normal human things?

Anyway, we have enough points to hire a second cook now.


Andrej actually reminds me of Bennett somehow! The one in the red shirt on the painting…



Norma came over and I was reminded that Andrej doesn’t have a room. He seduced her in his parents bed. How classic. I remember having a boy over when my mother was gone and I did that too – but Andrej is a grown man now, not a teenager. He needs his own space.


I refurbished the boys room, because the boys grew up and need something more than a colorful dump.

I will also change the room upstairs that used to be Danny and Silvia’s room and give it to Stan. And since Greg will move out when he’s grown up, he doesn’t need a designated room, I guess.

Anyway, that’s it for today!


One comment on “6.3: Family duties

  1. cathytea says:

    So lovely ! Those two were meant to be !


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