6.4: New Household Members

I just went and took a bunch of CC out of the game. Maybe it will reduce the lag. Possibly I will be missing a few build items, but those can easily be replaced usually.

I’m also testing larger households with MCCC. I used Twisted Mexi’s mod, but it suddenly decided to breed errors… so I deleted it and set household size to 12. I don’t think my game can handle more anyway.

If this wrecks my game, I will have to reload to this point, but I hope not, I hate to lose progress.

Let’s see…

Things work well so far. I had to replace a couple of carpets and wall paints, but I’m okay with that.


Greg met an Alien lady. Her name is Sophia and she’s probably Don Schoffield’s sister since they share the same last name. She’s a Teenager too! Her first trait known to us is Kleptomaniac.

Oh and Lena and Veer decided to take off in the rocket together.

Since Game is running normally, I moved Norma and Gabrielle in. We have 10 Sims in our household now. Greg will move out when he’s of age and I have no idea if Leonid is truly immortal, so we’ll see how things go from here.

Norma is a Creative Loner with Sticky Fingers, and she has the Painter aspiration. She doesn’t have a job. I think I’m fine with that – she doesn’t have to work, she can stay at home and paint.

Gabrielle is a Perfectionist, Goofy Genius. Her Aspiration is Freelance Botanist, which is fine because someone needs to take care of the plants.


Gabrielle looks so… plain in comparison to Norma.

I got Stan a job in Social Media! I haven’t tried this career out yet, so why not? They can’t ALL stay at home, after all.

Let’s go hang out at the restaurant for a while.


Isn’t it nice to have our own resident musician?


We’re not making much profit, but our staff is satisfied and we raised our rating to three stars! Things are coming along nicely.


Norma looks kind of scared going to bed with Andrej. But since they’re both Loners… I guess, she’s just not used to share a bed with another person.

Probably will pass in a while.



One comment on “6.4: New Household Members

  1. ny275 says:

    Hi! I binge read your legacy a little while back and I really like it! 🙂 It’s part of the reason why I decided that I would share my Build Newcrest and write it as an author commentary. I kept forgetting to follow the blog but I made sure to follow it today


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