6.5: Random Confusion

This chapter is composed of several play-sessions in the course of several days, so it’s a bit incoherent and loose. I just don’t have time currently or the nerve for writing, but I want to make some progress anyway. I really want this legacy to end someday so I can work on a different savegame!

Most of the family didn’t need to work, so we had an outing to the pool until everybody was tired and head back home.


After that, we went to open our restaurant.


Leonid takes his job to ensure that everything is fine with the guests very seriously.


He’s sure the investment is definitely worth it!


In the evening, Greg decides to use the flirty introduction on a boy, and then he’s on a roll.


Witness my first autonomous homosexual flirting. (William and Leonid don’t count because they are family and it was a weird accident in the sauna, and Lena and Sveta’s ghost don’t count either because Sveta is a ghost.)


Yup, something goes there.

His name is Blake Dunlap. I guess he’s the son of that irish looking guy I got from the gallery when I was searching for a mate for Kira.


Norma is officially pregnant. This is her breaking the news to Andrej.


I had my first restaurant death. At first, nobody cared. Then EVERYBODY went to cry at the gravestone.


After that, business was somehow screwed? My reviews disappeared and the customers lost their stars, so I closed shop.


Blake came over to visit Greg. I really like them together. I think they will move in together once they’re of age.

Speaking of which, it’s time for Greg’s birthday.


There’s cake for everyone and Greg ages up to be a Snob like his father.


He was checking himself out in the mirror and being very happy about it.

Time to move on. Greg is moved together with Blake. They inherited the house where Ben and Judy lived in. Since both Ben and Judy are dead and their kids have moved out on their own, the house was occupated by some people I don’t know, the Hull family. It consists of one Bruce Hull, his wife Bailey Hull and their very cute daughter Hope Hull.

Well, why not! Greg and Blake can just live together with them. The house is big enough.


That’s Hope Hull. Isn’t she just sweet?

Greg and Blake are officially married (I just set them to married in CAS). Honestly I can’t be bothered with playing it out right now. Need to move on!

You can expect babies in the next chapter. Norma is very pregnant by now!



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