TS3 ISBI 1.7: Maggie


Hi. I’m Maggie. I live with my parents and my little sister in Sunset Valley. I have a tree house of my own. I have a bed, too, but I don’t like sleeping there. My little sister used to wake up at night and cry when she was a baby. She still does that sometimes. I don’t like that, so I sneak out in the evening. My parents don’t mind. Most of the times they don’t even notice.

My father goes to bed early because he has to work in the morning. My mother is usually awake, but is busy with something – either cleaning the house or working on some science project of hers. She used to work as a scientist before my little sister came. And now mother is pregnant again.

I wonder if I’m getting a little brother this time.


I haven’t played TS3 for AGES, I was busy with my TS4 legacy as you can probably see if you’re watching this blog.

But I definitely need a break from TS4 again, and I don’t feel like doing any serious writing, so we will give this supposed madhouse another chance.

I played for a Sim day to get a feel of them again. They’re still mostly the perfect little family. Lane takes care of the children, Carie cleans up the house, Maggie does her homework before bed.



Tina does look a little creepy with her short hair.

Maggie will be aging up to Teenager in 2 days! Carie is definitely pregnant again. I hope it’s a boy.



Tina always looks slightly insane when playing with the weird creepy doll.


Lane loves dancing almost as much as he loves computer games. He can dance for hours.


I don’t even think there’s a special animation for picking apples in TS4.


Skip to the day of Maggie’s birthday! I’m very excited how she will look like a Teen. I think it’s one of my most favourite accepts of the game: Looking how the children will grow up.

Anyway, I have purchased a Swing, and a Hopscotch set, and a Buffet Table, and some outdoor picnic tables for the guests. And of course a birthday cake. Let the madness begin.

I invited Carrie’s friend Lisa Bunch and then some random Teens and Children. Also the Alien named Shannan.

Meanwhile, Lane is playing Chess on the computer even if there’s a perfectly fine Chess Table in the yard.


Maggie’s most favourite activity so far is Presiding Over The Royal Court.


Shannan brought Vegetarian Lobster.



Upon finishing the Royal Speech, Maggie descended from her throne to blow out the candles. And then… the cake caught on fire.



I don’t think I need to mention that the baby also started screaming.


The fire is put out, I have bought a new cake, and Maggie blows the candles out one more time. Nothing starts burning this time, but…


At the exact same moment Maggie’s youngest sibling decides it wants to join the party and Carrie goes into labour.

Awesome timing, kid.

I can choose a trait for Maggie because she was good at school, but I click the Randomizer. We get Artistic.

Maggie is so far: Clumsy, Excitable, Over-Emotional, and Artistic. Sounds like me IRL actually.

The new baby is a Boy! He has the Easily Impressed trait. And since I might have a theme going with Tinamou and Birds, our newest addition is called Francolin, Franc for short. His second, randomly generated trait is Genius.


While mom is at hospital, Maggie starts a painting.



Once Carrie is back, they talk to each other briefly and go play catch in the yard. There are still a few folks from the party, hanging out.

I think Maggie turned out really pretty!

Oh and I completely forgot that I was supposed to pick the Insane (or similar) trait for her! I will do so when she turns YA.


Judy Bunch (Mother of Lisa Bunch I suppose) decided to expire in our living room.


The Grim Reaper appeared, and after having done his deed, went to have a pillow fight with Maggie behind the house.



I see that we have started to deviate from the “normal family” to something more like “what the heck is going on”. I signed up for the latter, so this is good.


After Grim leaves again, Maggie checks on little Franc and then goes to bed, dreaming of various music-related things.



One comment on “TS3 ISBI 1.7: Maggie

  1. cathytea says:

    Yay ! So glad this is back ! I’ve been thinking about my TS3 ISBI lately, too and about TS3 in general . I’m home sick for Riverview so I might fire it up in the near future . ..


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