TS3 ISBI: 1.8: Aftermath

There are still some people hanging out, but they disappear one by one. Lane is playing guitar outside, the kids are all asleep and Carrie is left alone to clean up the mess.


Lane plays until it’s morning, then stays to talk to Kaylinn Alvi. They share the Virtuoso trait and Lane finds out that Kaylinn is married to a Miraj.


There’s no room for the second baby bed nowhere in the house except the parents’ bedroom so Carrie doesn’t get much sleep.

More of the usual things happen. Carrie fixes the broken computer, Lane goes to play something that looks like GTA – there’s cars flying through the air. Maggie spends her entire time painting at the easel. Tinamou is mostly playing with her creepie doll. Her birthday is coming up soon.

The Baby is being a Baby.


I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to eat that.


For the first time I find Lane not sleeping in bed. Oh well. A man can sleep on his couch, right?


Maggie: “Why do I always have to watch her?!” – Carrie: *I just want to sleep*


“Because your father has to work and you don’t.”


*Can I just go sleep now?*


Maggie started playing Chess on the computer. I’m fine with that.


Lane puts Tina to bed – for the last time as a toddler.


It’s a cake house.

Carrie has wishes to have a child and to have a child with Lane again, but we’re done with having children in this generation, three are enough.


Everything goes a bit downhill for a while, everybody is mostly tired and in need of a shower, and Maggie starts making food in the middle of the night.

Since it’s her first, it’s horrible.


I have to watch Lane eating this abomination since I’m not allowed to stop him.

Somehow Lane also decided not to go to work today, maybe because it’s Tinamou’s birthday. Maggie is also missing school because she skipped sleeping during the night and is asleep now.

Let’s have a party.


Shortly after the guests start to arrive, I find Lane slow dancing with Lisa Bunch.


Look at her snug potato face.


Meanwhile Carrie and Maggie are enjoying pancakes. Maggie is in dire need of a shower. Carrie is probably telling some wild party stories.


Carrie is 300% done with this shit.

But just look how beautiful the landscape in the window is. It’s autumn! I love Seasons. I wish it would come out for TS4 finally.


Tinamou aged up and, true to the rules this time, I chose Insane as her trait. She’s an Insane, Clumsy Loner. Good times.


Maggie found another Teenager to dance with.


And also stepped on his foot.


He doesn’t seem to mind, though. She looks very much in love. I forgot the guy’s name though.


After, she steps out to play with fallen leaves.

TS3 is different to play than TS4. So many things happen here, so many nuances. It takes time to write properly, and I always feel guilty when I just breeze through it like this, but sometimes I just don’t have the mental capacity to write things up as I would like to, to give them justice.

Things aren’t as smooth anymore as they were. Maggie skipped school prior to the party and got in trouble, Lane yelled at her and she got negative moodlets. I didn’t know that could happen! TS3 is so much deeper and more complex with its interactions.

But not to blame only her, Lane also skipped work this day and we got the message that there would be consequences if he doesn’t improve his performance real soon.

I really want to play my other save, the McGregors, but I’m kind of afraid, because I have planned so much of their story and I actually have no idea if it’s going to unfold in the game like I want it to. It will probably shift and change and be a mess and I will be left to gather the shards. And I think my poor Sean won’t have the life he wanted to…


One comment on “TS3 ISBI: 1.8: Aftermath

  1. cathytea says:

    I agree with you about all the nuances of TS3… and SO much happens! Each Sim has such a full life. I have to have so much mental capacity to play and write my TS3 ISBI–I’ve got to be alert and energetic to play, and creative and organized to write! I don’t know when I’ll have the extra energy for that! I hope soon, as I miss my TS3 folks, and reading about yours makes me want to play mine even more! 🙂


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