6.6: Be Done With It

I have forgotten to post this chapter, so this is like 10 days old!

I’ve been playing the McGregors lately and having a lot of fun (and frustration due to game bugs!). I will be starting my long distance job in two days and I have no idea when I’ll have time for playing again! Probably only during the weekends, or when I have acquired a laptop computer that can run Sims reliably, which should happen after two or three months. (Money is kind of very tight right now. Buy my beadwork so I can afford a laptop sooner!)

A break from the legacy did good. I actually missed playing them a bit.

Though I must say, after playing TS3 for a while, TS4 is kind of boring. Yes, it looks great and it’s colorful and I love the building a lot more in TS4, but TS3 is so multidimensional and has so many interactions that actually make sense.

In TS4, not many things happen unless I orchestrate them. When playing TS3, I can actually lay back and watch. Or concentrate on fulfilling my Sims’ wishes. They make so much more sense than TS4 whims, and are sometimes life-changing decisions.

Currently, not much is  happening in game. Sims are doing their everyday stuff. I open the restaurant now and then. Mostly I’m waiting for Norma’s baby.

On Norma’s pregnancy moodlet it says: she’s more than ready to be done with it. I feel exactly the same.

Here’s some random screenshots to interrupt this wall of text.



Special guests at the restaurant: Vladislav, Leonid’s son, and his wife Leticia (who apparently doesn’t age), and their daughter, appropriately named Miracle.


Here’s Norma on the left and a person named Anvi Meyers on the right. And weirdly enough, she looks almost exactly like our Anvi, who was married to Leonid and died a while ago.


They must be related somehow.



Kaelyn and her son. I love seeing all the family descendants in the restaurant.


I love this screenshot. Leonid is saying: Look! There’s a spider up there! And poor Cassiel is falling for his prank.

At least that’s what I imagine that happened. And because I’m writing this: It totally happaned.


These two are very much in love with each other. Gabrielle is still not pregnant, though. You’re not trying hard enough.


Obligatory family at the table picture.


I keep focusing on Leonid. Force of habit. He’s been around forever and I know him best of all, and also he is very relaxing to watch. He rarely plays video games. He mostly paints or plays music.


I have the red underwear bug again. But only the bra in her case. It’s time the baby came out.

Currently, I rather play for a while and then summarize what happened. Live blogging requires more mental resources somehow.


Leonid is still kicking ass.


Gregorij called and invited his father Veer out for a coffee. Since I’ve been wanting for something to happen by itself, I seized the opportunity.


Veer expressed the wish for having grandchildren.


I have no idea who she is, but her jewelry intrigues me. I wonder if I can make something similar…


Just guys having fun.

This has been nice. Veer got a chance to bond with his son, which he rarely did when Greg was living with us – he has his noncommittal issues mostly and feels tense often around his family, even if he loves them a lot – he has a lot of whims regarding being romantic with Lena.



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