9.8: Wishes


I want to adopt all of these cats because all of them are gorgeous, but this abessinian one is the most beautiful cat I ever saw in this game.


I have to take Ramzie to the vet, and once we get back, our First Dog Bentley dies.

To distract myself from that fact, I send Tania to the Humor and Hijinks Festival, but it’s not really fun.

Since it’s my last generation, and I’ve officially finished the legacy anyway, I feel like doing things I never did before being too scared to screw up.


In the night, Tania sneaks out of the house and makes her way to a special place.



She throws a sum of money down the well and ancient magic lights up from within.



There’s a lot of cloudy mist, and a shape forms in the middle of it.


When the mist disappears, there’s a boy about Tania’s age. He looks foreign, even in this melting pot of nationalities and races.


After only a glance at one another, they embrace each other tightly, and Tania knows her wish came true.


She touches his face to be sure he’s real. His skin is soft and warm, not rough and worn like Ty’s has been.


“You’re a miracle”, she says. “I love you.”


“I love you too”, he answers and falls to his knees, holding up a ring. “Will you be mine forever?”


“I will”, she says and lets him put the ring on her finger.


He kisses her as if she was his first, and presses his hands to his chest as if he has to prevent his heart from leaping out.


She brings him home of course.

“Where do you live”, she asks.

“With you”, he answers truthfully.

“Where do you come from?”

“I don’t know”, he says, rubbing his head. “I think I flew.”

“Do you know your name?”


He lives with us now, of course.

Sokol has the Angler Ace aspiration and he’s a Lazy Geek.


Yaromir is in love with him and grabs him immediately to play with him.


Ayaan didn’t bother to put on clothes again.


Introductions are in order.


Oh he got dressed.




Our wishing well boy is unexpectedly handsome.


Tania seems to be very happy with him.


I got fed up going to the vet clinic all the time so Ayaan has to learn how to treat his pets himself.


It’s spring time!

Cairan’s best friend Curtis – we haven’t seen him in a while – invited him out to the ruins. Of course Cairan is a busy man now, but we have to make time for our friends now and then. Let’s check it out.


The rest of the boys came to! Raissa’s brother Eduard, Handsome Asshole Ty and Pedro.




Just a nice afternoon with the boys, having hot dogs and catching up. Nobody set anything on fire and nobody started fucking on the table. They’re almost normal!


Garrus has such a cute face. I need to get that abessinian cat and make him breed with her. He’s an Elder already. He will die too soon and I won’t see his cute cat face again. He’s from the first litter of Fish and Ramzie!


Kooper is always getting in trouble. Chloe is more civilized. They don’t really like each other because sometimes they growl at each other but I think they have bred? At least I told them to a couple of times, I hope it worked.

Anyway, time for me to go to bed. I look forward to my next playing session. Which will be tomorrow, I guess.


2 comments on “9.8: Wishes

  1. cathytea says:

    You lucked out with the wishing well guy! The one I got has awful traits, especially for the Sim who wished for him. They love each other and made great kids together , but they’re completely incompatible and can’t live together . ..

    I was sad to see Bentley go. Love those cats!


    • Yeah, I expected something horrible to come out. Actually. His name was Ayaan. But there can be only one Ayaan in my game. 😀 So I renamed him to Sokol, means Hawk. I have a vague memory of a russian folklore thing where a hawk takes shape of a young man. Anyway, Sokol is really cool.


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