Gen1: Andre Martell



Traits: Family Oriented, Childish, Perfectionist, Muser

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Creation: Andre was mostly random. He was based on the number 6, which my partner supplied after I asked him for a random number. I pressed the ‘generate random sim’ button 6 times. The only thing I changed was hair and clothes. The trait/aspiration set was random too, generated by createarandomsim.

Personality: Andre is a very outgoing and friendly guy. He’s not afraid to chat up random strangers and mostly has the “what is the worst that could happen”-approach. Since most situations aren’t ‘the worst’ in his playbook, he’s usually relaxed and comfortable with his surroundings. He lives for his music and his family. He dreams of achieving a sizeable income with his music, but hasn’t reach great success yet.

Background: Andre was born and raised in a tiny apartment in a big city. He always felt drawn to nature and wilderness and hated to be confined by walls, surrounded by countless people. He moved to Erlenbach in his early twenties and purchased a large plot of a forest on the outskirts of town. Living out of a tent and a small shack he build by himself, he earned what little he needed with his guitar playing and some handiwork he did here and there, until he met Emma Spence. He fell in love with her at the first glance, but it took him a long time to act on these feelings.