Gen1: Emma Martell (Spence)

Traits: Insider, Loves the Outdoors, Mean, Collector

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Personality: Despite having the mean trait, which usually manifests in random pranks and negative interactions, Emma is a very nice and caring person, even when left to her own devices. She smiles a lot and loves to surround herself with people. She runs the “Afterhour Sisters” club, which is made of a bunch of ladies who come to visit her after work to paint, do some handiwork (probably crochet too) and tend the garden. She works at the hospital and usually runs on coffee and short naps.

Background: Emma moved to Erlenbach to work at the hospital after she finished her degree. She met Andre shortly after. They had known each other for a while before Andre asked her out and they became a couple.