Martell Legacy

The Martell Legacy is set in a fictional town of Erlenbach, which ingame is a mashup of Willow Creek, Windenburg and Granite Falls, and is probably somewhere between Germany and Switzerland.

Erlenbach sits at a river and is surrounded by dense woods. There are only 2 roads leading into town. It is divided in Old Town, New Town, Industry Area, and the Outskirts. Most German towns have districts which are actually called Altstadt (Old Town), Neustadt (New Town), and so on…

At the beginning of the game, I deleted all the premade sims and let the game (with the help of MC command center) repopulate the world. Some random sims had to be slightly edited to be a little bit less eye-jarring (their stylist needs to be fired asap), but mostly I left them alone and madeĀ them a backstory.