3.10: Birthdays and Births

I was reading an ISBI challenge today. It was an absolute mess and it was hilarious and great. And I thought: I leave my Sims to themselves most of the time and they never ever wet themselves yet. Not once. There have been a few pass outs after work, though.

I kind of want to start an ISBI challenge but I’m hesitant, because this legacy is going great so far.

Also, I have kept some scoring notes. Currently, we have:

Family 3
Creative 3
Fortune 4
Love 2
Knowledge 3
Athletic 5
Nature 4
Food 4
Popularity 3
Deviance 4
Penalty Points 0

The scoring hasn’t been my primary focus. It just happened. I tried to keep track but with the new expansions and the new traits and the official legacy challenge rules not updated it’s a little bit muddy. Anyway.

I almost caught up with my game after the crash, though a few things went differently, of course. It’s not a big deal, though.

I gave Sveta the fabulously wealthy aspiration too, because you don’t need to take care of it, it’s kind of a freebie. I have enough other Sims to focus on, like Aleksej and Alyson for example.


I’m slightly concerned Abbie might be glitched and immortal somehow. Her age bar looks like this since she joined the household. Not that I mind. She’s the only one who’s tending Sergej’s garden currently.


She looks lonely sometimes while at it. Maybe she’s missing Sergej.

The family’s time management is still terribly off. They all get up at midnight, bars full and happy, and proceed doing the usual things. I’m not sure if I mind. It’s just funny. We’re having breakfast at 1 AM. But when I think about it, I do, too. Next week, for example, I start working at 2 AM so I too, get up at midnight. Just not so happy and rested as my Sims.

Maybe the night living is not a bad thing. Abbie gets to meet Sergej again. But before that we discover that Abbie is glitched in a different way and can apparently walk on air.





Nikolai survived his first day of work as an astronaut.


And I now have a plan for Nikolai! I will take Billie into the household and let them have a child and watch it grow up a bit, and then I will move them into their own household. That way, I will see how he genetics work out and get to watch Billie for a while.


Mh, Grilled Cheese.


Our friend Chantel is pregnant too! I am very excited to see if her child is as beautiful as she is. Maybe it’s a potential mate for our 4th gen heir.


And our half alien friend June is pregnant as well: from Akira Kibo. This child out to be interesting too!


Today on Interesting Passersbys: Silvia Fields. Nice fashion choices. Nice hairdo. I like that girl.


Then we find out that Silvia was actually on the way to watch Bennett try to sell a painting of Abbie’s. By the way, I LOVE the ability to have yard sales. You can sell stuff. Without going through the hassle of having an actual store. I only tried out the gallery, not the other table, but it’s lovely.

And since Leonid’s back from school, we can introduce ourselves to Silvia.


Then multiple things happen at once. A heavily pregnant Marina appears and Sveta runs out to greet her. Then Lara comes back from work: she recieved the final promotion and has reached the top level of Patron of the Arts career!


Sylvia has the insane trait!


The cow plant died. It’s the second one. This one lived for a long time, but I guess, all the time that we’ve been spending off lot, nobody thought to feed her. We’ll plant a new one.



Sometimes I get the urge to redecorate rooms. I improved Sveta and Demario’s bedroom a bit this time.

It’s the day of Bennett’s elder birthday, and Alyson has gone into labor! Always these coincidences.


There’s no party, just cake among the closest family.


Leonid is aging up today too! But we’ll wait until he’s done sleeping. Aaand we’ve  got the message that Marina delivered a baby girl.


And there it is, the birth of 4th generation!


Meet Bogdan Voronov. Bogdan means ‘given by god’ and is of Slavic origin. Keeping up with my russian names theme!

So many things are happening right now, I just don’t know what to focus on!

Among the remnants of Bennett’s cake, there is a new cake. Leonid’s transition is accompanied by Demario and a heavily pregnant June who’s apparently has been sleeping on the couch somewhere and hasn’t left the lot.


Leonid gets the Active trait and the Musical Genius aspiration. That’s a new one for us. I was almost scared it’d be Master Chef again.


Leonid is pretty damn hot and reminds me of Sergej. He’s got the same hair! I will keep that hair. I’m not sure if I can let him move out. Ever. He’s too similar to my founder.


I just can’t get over him.


And to complete this episode of madness, Billie now lives with us too. She is 1 day before becoming an adult and her Aspiration is Bodybuilder.


Even with grey hair, Lara and Bennett are still going strong.

And the Full House mod informed us that the game might crash when using Manage Households with over 10 Sims in the household. So… hm… I wonder how old Abbie plans on getting. She’s 109 days old now!



One comment on “3.10: Birthdays and Births

  1. cathytea says:

    Lovely Sims ! I also have Sims in TS3 and TS4 who take good care of themselves autonomously . ..

    Congratulations on gen 4!


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